Stole My Heart- A Niall Horan love story (part 1)

Chapter 2

Fun nights

You walk back into your house and close the door. Your dad's sitting at the table reading sports articles in the news paper. Without looking up from the paper he asks you
"Hey, sweetie how was lunch?"
"DAD, it was amazing you don't even understand"
You ramble on about Niall for a few more minutes.
"Well, that's great! Niall's really a great guy." He says
You walk over to your room and go on tumblr. You tell all of your directioner fans whats going on. This is a dream come true for you. The rest of the day you hangout at your house and do some homework.
The next morning you're so psyched to go over to Niall's house! You take a shower and blow dry your hair dancing to What Makes You Beautiful. You decide to wear a type of pj's because you'll be watching a movie. You pick out baggy sweatpants and a sweatshirt. You throw your hair up in a bun and put some makeup on. You grab your keys and go out the door. it's 6:30 p.m. and you have the adress to Niall's. You're driving down the road gripping the steering wheel, nervously. You take a left turn, and check your GPS. Niall's house is 2 houses down. You drive up, and park your car on the curb. You walk up to the door and ring the doorbell. Niall opens the door and smiles.
"Hey there ___!" He
"Hey Niall" You smile
He lets you in, and you observe the house. Clean, Nice, and well put together. Over to the left is the Flat screen television, a comfy looking couch, and some blankets. Niall's in pj's too! Good choice. Flannel Sweats and a loose grey tshirt. Messy hair. He gently grabs your hand, and leads you to the kitchen.
"Do you want pop corn?" He asks
"Sure!" you respond
"Extra butter" He winked
You smile at him genuinely. Niall hits 2:00 on the microwave. As You guys are waiting for the pop corn, he wraps his arms around you and spins you around in a childish way. You both giggle. BEEP the microwave goes off. Niall grabs the popcorn bag out of the steaming hot microwave.
"OUCH!" he yells
He's handeling the bag as if it were a hot potato. The bag flies over your head and lands into the bowl on the kitchen table. you both crack up! He opens the bag and spills the pop corn into the bowl. You two walk over to the couch and try to figure out what to watch.
"What type of movie do you want to watch?" He asks you
"Anything funny. Let's watch a comedy!" You smile.
He scrambles through a bunch of movies under the television.
"AHA!" he says as he finds the perfect movie.
He puts the movie into the dvd player and comes back to you and sits down. Things are a little awkward at first. He's laying the long way across the couch. He motions you over to him. You go under the covers. "Niall is so warm" you think to yourself. You guys start to cuddle as he puts his arm under yours. You turn and face him. You lock eyes.
"You're so cute" he says and smirks.
"Thanks, you too" you smile.
Your warm bodies are against each other on the couch looking into each others eyes. You guys are playing footsies. No kissing yet. You guys watch the comedy cuddling under the covers the whole time.You both fall asleep in each others arms.
You wake up the next morning first. Niall looks so gorgeous when he's sleeping. You slip out of the blankets and decide to make breakfast for the two of you. You go through the refrigerator and find some eggs. you crack them and a couple minutes later have a gorgeous breakfast laid out on the table. Niall comes shuffling in with bed head.
"You made breakfast?" he rubs his face and then walks towards you.
"Yep! You were sleeping like a baby." you laugh.
He comes over and hugs you from behind "Thanks" He says over your shoulder. You two conversate during breakfast and talk about tomorrow's plans. you guys can't stay apart!
"So i have a good idea!" Niall says enthusiastically.
"Tell me!" you say with a mouthful of eggs.
"We should go camping!"
"Sounds like a good idea! but you're gonna have to protect me fromt he bears!" you wink.
"I'll make sure to do that" he winks back.
As you guys are packing for your weekend trip you start to get excited. You check a couple times to see if you forgot anything.
"Check" you say
"Check" he says.
You guys throw your stuff in the back of a car and throw the tent in. Niall's wearing his sunglasses and sports wear. You're hair's tied up in a ponytail and you're in running shorts and a tight athletic shirt. You two get into the car, and turn on the radio. One Thing comes on. "OHMYGOD!" you scream.
"Sorry... fangirl moment." you say and smile.
He laughs hysterically and backs out of the driveway. You guys drive for an hour but you were sleeping the whole time.
"Babe, wake up" you hear. You wake up to Niall's face. You wipe your eyes and look out the window. You're at a camping sight/ hiking. You have to hike to get to the safe grounds. You two get out of the car, and walk to the trunk. he opens it up, and you two grab your backbacks with everything in it. The scenery is beautiful. Flowers, rocks, water, and a wide open area and sky. You take a deep breath. Niall looks at you, smiles, and opens his hand. You grab it quickly and you two start hiking. After a while of all the climbing, you and Niall go rest at a nearby river along the trail. Niall bends down and splashes a little water on his face. He turns around and splashes you and giggles.You scream and laugh and run around as he's chasing you. He grabs you, twirls you around, and you both fall into the water. As you guys come up, you're soaked and your legs are wrapped around him as he's standing. Your arms lightly around his neck. You look into his eyes as your hair is dripping into the water. He smiles, leans in, and gives you the most passionate kiss of your life. You enjoy the moment for the next minute. Kissing in calm river. You and Niall Horan.

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