Stole My Heart- A Niall Horan love story (part 1)

Chapter 1

It's only just the beginning .

You're in a giant room, filled with screaming fans. "I LOVE YOU", "HARRY MARRY ME!" you hear. Then there they are, One Direction standing on stage right in front of you. Everyone's crying around you! You turn your head back to the stage and it happened: Niall looked at you and smiled. You start to tear up. They start their first song, and Niall sweeps his hand across first row where you're sitting, he kneels down and sings to you with his hand out and softly touches yours. You can not believe what's happening. He smiles and goes back to singing. You stare at your hand in shock. Today's the day where you get to meet One Direction. You waited 4 hours to get Ultimate VIP tickets. After the concert, it's finally time to meet the boys!
Only 2 more people to go until you get to meet the boys! You look around, and they're so many fans with posters, twitter names, and shirts with 1d on them. You start to shake a little and get nervous. One more person to go. You bite your lip. It's your turn. Security moves you along to them. Tears fill your eyes as your heart beats a million times a second. You look up and you see all of them smiling a warm smile at you. Harry opens up his arms for a hug, and you tell him how much you love him, hug him, hug Zayn, hug Liam, hug Louis, and as you approach Niall he says "Hello, gorgeous." shakily you say "Hi Niall i love you so much you're such an inspiration to me" and smile. You hug him and squeeze between Niall And Louis for the picture of all of you guys. Security starts to move you away and Niall grabs your hand and pulls you close for an extra good-bye hug. He slips his secret phone number into your pocket. You look up startled with tears in your eyes and a smile. Security rips you two apart and your hands slowly break apart. You wave good-bye to all the boys and start to bawl your eyes out as you receive your picture they took. You slip your hand into your pocket and unravel the balled up piece of paper. It states: "hey babe, call me sometime (: " and it stated his number. You cover your face in so much shock. You immediately call your bestfriend and tell her what just happened. She screamed on the phone and said to call him tomorrow. That night, your dad drives you home from the concert, your head against the passenger seat window listening to the Up All Night album. Then, you start to doze off.
You wake up to the sight of your One Direction posters in your room. Confused, you look around, your hair all over the place. You still have your One Direction shirt on but instead of the jeans with Niall's number in it, you have shorts on. You freak out and look through everything in your room. The jeans are under your bed in a ball. You take them out and pray that Niall's number is there. You grab the piece of paper and hold it against your chest with tears in your eyes. You add the number immediately to your contact list on your phone. You walk over to your posters and smile. You're still shocked you had the opportunity to meet them. You walk downstairs to grab breakfast and you see an unfamiliar sweat jacket at the door. You just ignore it because it's probably just your dad's or someone's. You start to eat your bagel and you stare at Niall's contact on your phone. Nervously with your heart beating you press "Call" . You wait as if it were forever, and you hear someone pick up. "Hello?" The person asks. You clear your throat and shakily say "Urh, Hi Niall, this is __, the girl you gave your number to yesterday" . Niall replies "Oh! Hey! I just want to let you know that you're absolutely gorgeous, babe." Your heart stops and you drop your bagel. Your dog scrambles over and steals it. "hello?" he says. "Oh sorry! um oh my gosh!, er, well, thanks! what are you up to?" you stammered. "Nothing really, that was the last concert of this tour so we're on break for a while. can you help me with something?" "Sure! anything!" you reply. "Can you open your front door quickly?" Confused, you walk to the door. You open the door, and there he is, Niall Horan standing there in khakis and a tight red polo, with a bouquet of flowers. You nearly faint, but Niall grabs your hand and pulls you close to him and gives you a warm, and safe hug. Tears stream down your face, as you look up at him. He wipes them away and says "Don't cry baby i'm right here." and hugs you again.
You let him in, and he hands you the flowers. 12 beautiful red roses. You get a vase and quickly put them in. You still can not believe Niall James Horan is in your house right now. Your dad steps out of his room with his pajamas and slippers. He says "Hey, Niall!" . Niall replies "Hey, man!" Your dad and him teamed up to do this. He and your dad were planning to surprise while you were sleeping. No wonder that jacket was near the door! You glance at your dad, then Niall. Niall asks you "Do you want to go out for lunch with me?" he smiles hopefully. You automatically say "Yes! of course i will! just let me get ready." and you prance to your room quickly to straighten your hair, put on makeup, and pick out a cute outfit. Niall and your dad sit at the table and talk about sports and his career in the mean time. You walk out of your room in a cute pair of shorts and an adorable tank. You look up and catch Niall's eye. He stops in the middle of his sentence and says "babe you look absolutely beautiful." You thank him and walk over to the table. Niall grabs his jacket and his keys from the kitchen island. He says goodbye to your dad, and he takes your hand, your heart melts and you two walk out the door to his BMW convertible. He starts the engine, and pulls out of your drive way. You can not believe you're going on a date with Niall Horan! You look over and bite your lip. He smiles and puts on the radio. "My Life Would Suck Without You" came on, and you guys drive down the highway singing together. You guys laugh constantly with your hair flying in your face from the strong wind. His smile is stunning.
You guys arrive at Red Lobster, and he gets out of his side, runs around to yours, and opens your door. You smile at him, and he gently takes your hand. Paparazzi are taking pictures of you and him. It's a little bit overwhelming with the fans everywhere, but you'll be okay when you guys get inside. You two walk in, and go to the manager. They seat you in a special section. You two sit across from each other . You ask him "Niall, why did you pick me? out of millions of fans, why me?" He responds almost right away "I couldn't get your smile out of my mind. I thought about your shining eyes all the time. Babe, you're beautiful but you don't even try." He puts his hand on yours. You smile with every single emotion going through you. "Thank you Niall you're the sweetest person anyone could ask for". "You stole my heart" He said. You both giggle at the lyric pun. He fixes his jacket, and you guys start to eat and conversate throughout lunch. He pays for the bill, and drives you back home. He walks you to your door. "Thanks for the great lunch date!" He said smiling and nudging you. "You're very welcome !" you say biting your lip. He leans in to hug you and you do to. His biceps are around you, and you can smell his cologne. You embrace the moment. He whispers in your ear, "Meet me at my house tomorrow for some movies and popcorn, have a wonderful day". He lets go, winks, and goes back to his car. You wave goodbye, as he puts his sunglasses on and starts the engine. He waves back, and like that, he's gone. "I am going to Niall's house tomorrow" you repeat to yourself 20 times. You scream and run inside. You can not wait for tomorrow....

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