Dysfunctional Quibblo. . .

How the world still goes 'round, I'll never know T_T

Chapter 1


by: PandaaPie
Alright, so my friend Millie recently deleted.
Now I haven't been here for very long but I sort of understand the drama.

I just want to say that I'm very upset at how dysfunctional the people on this website are. And before I continue, this is not to hurt, insult, or offend anybody. I'm clearly stating how I feel.

I'm angry and disappointed at Millie. I know for a fact she knows that the majority of us love&adore her! That story she made "goodbye" was a ridiculous stunt. And we followed through the way I'm sure she intended. I think Millie is a good person and all, but it seems like it was for attention. Honestly, the only stories I got invites to were 'add her!'s or all about drama and haters.

She likes drama! If she didn't like being involved in it, then she wouldn't have sucked all of us into it by having us defend her and post stories about how upset we are that she deleted. This is like a game! Its absolutely ridiculous.

And the haters. All of you are giving them what they want! A response. That's all they want. If you pretend they don't exist instead of posting stories saying 'check out this hate comment on my profile' or 'hater alert' IGNORE THEM. Believe it or not, you are creating a bigger issue and way more drama than there needs to be!

I'm not one to rant but I feel that this is something that needs to be said. This is the only thing I will ever post like this. The rest will strictly be stories and important notices, not having to do with drama.



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