Stumbled (zayn malik love story)

ok so um so yeah its a zayn malik love story!!!yayaz.

Chapter 1


18 year old Ainsley Bridges raced down the stairs. Her straight brown hair bobbed up and down as she went. She stumbled to the kitchen, her hazel eyes racing, searching for the right thing. Think, think, ainsley thought to herself.

"Aha!" she exclaimed in triumph, holding her right hand above her head. In it were two identical golden charm bracelets. She was bored, so she decided that today, she was to give it to the first person she bumped into, being her clumsy self. Maybe she could make a new friend today.

She head out the door. It was freezing, but she was wearing shorts. she put on her hood to keep her warmer. Man, its hard to be clumsy when you are thinking about it, she thought to herself, shivering. Before she knew it, she bumped into someone. He was a somewhat tall boy, wearing a hood and sunglasses.

"Here," she said, holding out a bracelet. he looked confused.

"Here, silly," she said, putting the bracelet on him. She put on hers and frowned.

"I must seem weird to you. Well, as a matter of fact, i am proud to be weird!" she added. "So, whats with the sunglasses and hood? Undercover or something?"

He took off his glasses, but almost as quick as he took them off, he put them back on. Ainsley was surprised. He put a finger to his lips. She nodded in understanding.

ok, so i know this chapter is short, and its really obvious who the boy is......ok........

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