Dream On- (Harry Styles Love story)

Dream On- (Harry Styles Love story)

Hi! So another 1D story inspired by my own personal dream world (lol). I hope you guys enjoy it, it took forever to write! Comments and criticism are always welcomed. Enjoy! :)

Chapter 1

A normal day....?

by: 1D4Life
Today was like any other day, a typical school day doing the same old boring things. I woke up at my usual time, 6:15 a.m. I brushed my teeth and headed back into my room to have my annual "what to wear" showdown with my wardrobe. I pulled out shirt after shirt grunting at almost every one. I was in a pretty good mood that day too for some reason but "this" was starting to make that feeling go away.
"This is cute." I pulled out a navy blue striped sweater. I bought it last week because it reminded me of my favorite member in my favorite band; Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. I threw the shirt on and picked out a dark denim pair of skinny jeans and sprayed my signature perfume (sea isle cotton) on me and started to work on my hair. I lightly curled it so that it looked like a models' and then applied my makeup. I put on my gray UGGS before leaving my room.
I went downstairs to find something good to eat so I started rummaging through the fridge.
"Morning." My mom said. I turned around not even noticing her presence before.
"Morning?" I said still a little in shock.
"You're up early." I pointed out.
"Well, I'm just happy I guess." She said. I raised an eyebrow.
"Over what?" I asked. She shrugged.
"Did you pack your bag like I told you to?" She asked completely changing the topic.
"Yeah. Why did I have to pack one anyway?" I asked.
"You're staying over at mom-mom's tonight while I deliver a big cake order with your father." She said looking through a catalog, and yes, my mother is a cake designer. She's known as the "Cake Boss" of the state. I pulled out some milk for my cereal and began shoveling it down.
"You eat like a boy, sit down while you eat." She ordered.
"I prefer standing up." I said.
"You better go, don't want to be late." I looked at the clock and ran to the front door while slinging my backpack over my shoulder at the same time.
"Bye mom!" I shouted while closing the door behind me.
"Bye!" I heard her call back. I ran to my bus stop with full speed feeling the cool breeze brush against my face. The sun was starting to appear through the morning clouds and the temperature was nice and cool. It was definitely what I consider a beautiful day in May. I turned the corner and was greeted by my good friend Kylie.
"Well don't you look cute today?" she said smiling as I got closer to her, "Who are you trying to impress?"
"No one just thought this would be a good thing to wear." I said.
"My mom was acting pretty strange today."
"How?" She asked.
"Last night she got off the phone and told me to get a night bag put together."
"For what?"
"I'm staying at my mom-mom's while she delivers a big cake order."
"Where's the cake order." I thought for a moment.
"Trendsville." I said.
"That's not far from here, only about 30 minutes. Why would you need to sleep out for that?" I shrugged.
"I don't know."
"How are your videos coming along?" She asked. I had been posting videos up on YouTube of me doing covers of songs in hopes of getting discovered like Justin Bieber. It's always been a dream of mine to become a famous singer. So far I've posted about fifteen already and was getting a lot of good reviews.
"They're coming along good. A lot of people are watching them and I've been getting a lot of views." Kylie nodded and smiled.
"You think someone will discover you?" She asked. I shrugged.
"Hopefully." I laughed.
The bus came at 7:35 which was a little bit earlier than usual and all the kids at my bus stop and I piled onto the bus taking a seat. I pulled out my Ipod and started listening to some music and was bobbing my head along with the beat.
"Stop that, you're bringing attention to yourself." Kylie said taking one earbud out of my ear. I looked around the bus to see some people looking but not really caring.
"Who cares?" I said putting the earbud back in.
"LOOK AT THIS!" Kylie said handing me her phone. I looked at the tweet she just got from Niall Horan's Twitter:
In the US! So good to visit here again. We're about to meet some great talent soon!
My eyes opened up and I silently squealed and bounced in my seat. It's been a while since One Direction was in the US and I immediately went to Google on Kylie's phone to see when they were performing.
"That's weird." I said to Kylie.
"What?" She said looking over my shoulder.
"One Direction's HQ said they're not performing, just here to meet with someone." I handed her phone back.
"Huh. Well maybe they will perform." She said scrolling through the article.
"Maybe." I shrugged.

We arrived to school and went straight to our 1st period. I took my seat at my computer since I had keyboarding and stared at the screen blankly.
"Hey, what's up?" I felt someone tap my shoulder waking me up from my daze.
"Nothing." I turned to my friend Emily and she just stared back then shrugged.
"Okay." She said logging on to her computer. I logged into my school's social networking site and scrolled through the news feed for any assignments.
"Isn't he so hot?!" Emily said in a dreamy tone. She pointed to her profile picture which was Harry Styles flashing one of his famous cheeky grins.
"Mhmm." I mumbled.
"Vic, you know you love him." She said firmly.
"Actually I'm more of a Tomlinson fan thank you very much." I said pointing to my profile picture of Louis Tomlinson in a chefs' hat.
"Whatever." She said with sarcasm.
"All right class let's get started today." My teacher Mrs. Wench announced.
"Today we will be doing budgeting and looking at checking accounts and….." I tuned her out completely. I had no interest of listening to her carry on about money and stuff; I just wanted to sleep and listen to music and maybe eat a little something too. I watched her do something with the smart board and I just slowly worked on the project she assigned the class. Once I turned it in, I slowly felt sleep take over and I closed my eyes for only a few seconds, which then turned into minutes, then bell woke me up.
"Alright guys see you next class." Mrs. Wench called after everybody. I couldn’t get out of her class fast enough. I sped walked with a few girls to my next class grabbing my books in my locker on the way. I took my regular assigned seat which was in the front and I did my daily review questions. Mrs. Crate (our social studies teacher) came into the room ready to begin the period.
"Good morning everyone." She said to the class.
"Good morning." We all answered. Without saying another word she handed out a test to everyone. Everyone moaned and groaned at the sight of it but quickly grew silent to focus. It became so quiet in the room I could here the clock. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock. I squinted my eyes to focus on the small numbers printed in black. 10:32. I looked around the room, back at my paper, then to the door. I wanted to just get up and run away so badly but I knew I would be stopped. I scribbled down my final answer after what felt like a century. I walked up to the teachers' desk just as the bell rang and handed her my test. She smiled taking my test from me and I rushed out of the room with full speed. My locker was right outside of her room so I didn’t have far to go. I quickly turned the dial to open my locker to switch class materials from social studies to English.

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