Im sad :(

Chapter 1

Why this day is sucking

Today in class my english teacher embaressed me infront of all of my classmates, saying the paper that I wrote sucked, was thin and watery, was horrible and deserved and F. He said that to the entire class and I got so pissed/sad that I had to leave the room cus my eyes were watering. I HATE him so much. I sat in there for half of class, and then my best friend Kamaile came in and asked if I was alright. Apparently, my class was worriyed about me except for my teacher. So I came back inside, and my face must have been flushed cus he asked if I was sick, but the way he asked it was like he didn't even care.

So, yeah. Sorry, I am over-emotional and I know this is nothing compared to some of your lives. Sorry to bug you cus I know no one cares


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