Looking For Heaven, Found The Devil In Me.....(A Harry Potter Story)

Looking For Heaven, Found The Devil In Me.....(A Harry Potter Story)

Name: Belle Mudwater(Not Real Last Name; Will Explain In The Story)
Year: 7th
Hair: Black/Brow, Curly
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
House: Gryffindor

Will Be Different From The Books/Movies!

Main Song:
Shake It Out by Florence And The Machine

Chapter 1

The Truth Finally Comes Out

I walked along sides Harry, Ron, Hermione, Seamus, and Neville. We were all wondering, lost in our thoughts, well, atleast I was.
"What's wrong?,"asked Harry grabbing my hand, holding it thight.
"Nothing...just thinking,"I replied with a slight smile.
"About?,"he asked.
I didn't want anybody to know what I was thinking about, especially not him. If he knew he would hate me, I just know it.
"Everything,"I simply replied. It's half true, I am thinking of everything, but mostly of one thing. The one thing that nobody knew about me, not even, Albus Dumbledore, may he rest in peace.
"What's happening?,"asked Neville bringing me back from my thoughts. I looked at him as he pointed to the sky.
They sky was suddenly dark and lifeless. But that's no what caught Neville's eye, but the figures of black coming towards us. I knew what they were, and so did Hermione.
"Death Eaters!,"she said as she took out her wands, the rest of us did the same. My heart started to pound.
"Well, well, well! Look who we have here!,"exclaimed Bellatrix landing infront of us. Rodolphus, and Rabastan were with her.
"What are you doing here?,"asked Harry quickly pointing his wand at her, I cringed a little inside.
"Oh, Potter, don't worry, for the first time this isn't about you....but it is about her,"she said pointing at me with her wand.
Everybody's head turned and looked at me, but quickly returned to the Death Eaters. I gulped, the truth is finally going to come out!
"What do you want with her?,"asked Harry, stepping in front of me. Bellatrix started to laugh.
"Oh, step away boy, I have more rights over her than you'll ever have,"she started to say, but laugh harder when she saw everybody's expression,"oh, she hasn't told you....Belle why haven't you told them?"
"What is she talking about?,"asked Hermione with an alarmed tone.
"Come on, tell them,"Rodolphus spoke.
"This is going to be great,"whispered Bella.
I looked at my friends, then at them. I knew the ending would be bad, I just knew it. Now they are going to know the truth, and they are going to hate me for the rest of their lifes.
"This people you see here,"I said walking foward with tears in my eyes,"this people are my family."
I heard a couple of gasps, and then complete silence. My back was against them, I looked at my familly. They started to laugh at their expressions
"What?,"asked Neville.
"What you heard, Longbottom,"spat Rabastan.
"How?,"asked Ron shocked. Seamus simply stared at me in disbelieve.
"Bellatrix is my mother, Rodolphus is my father, and Rabastan is my uncle,"I simply replied lowering my gaze.
"So....so your Draco's cousin?,"asked Seamus. I simply nodded, not seeing what that had to do with all this.
"You lied to us?,"asked Hermione with rage. I knew this would happened, I knew it would!
"Yeah, yeah she did...okay, so it's time for us to go,"said my mother grabbing my hand and taking me with her.
"No!,"I heard Harry said before we disappeared. The last thing he heard was my mother's laugh.

Harry's POV

They had just disappeared, and they took Belle with them.
"We have to get her back!,"I excaimed ready to go.
"What?,"asked Neville. The others looked liked they had the same question as me.
"Are you serious?,"I asked them,"you are gonna let them just take her!"
"She betrayed us!,"exclaimed Ron.
"No she did not!,"I exclaimed right back.
This can't be happening, are they really gonna let them, Deat Eaters, take her?
"She lied to us,"Nevielle included.
"To protect us,"whispered Hermione,"can't you see, she lied to protect us! I mean if it weren't for her half of us would of been dead by now. She saved our lives to many times."
"Well, I don't care if you guys are going to let her die, all I know is that I'm not, "I said as I started to walk away, away to place were I can find someone to help me.

Belle's POV

We appeared in the Malfoy's manor, were some waited for us, even the all powerful Dar Lord.
"What is this? I thought I told you to bring me the boy, not your daughter,"he hissed.
"But, master, he will come,"reponded my mother.
"And how do you know that?,"he asked her.
"You see, my daughter made him fall in love with her,"she said with a smirk,"Now, that we have her, he's going to come looking for."
"No, he won't. He thinks I betrayed him,"I said looking down, not wanting anybody to see me.
"No he does not,"replied my mother,"and if he did he already forgave you. Don't you see, our plan worked. He's too in love with you."
Yeah, the plan was to make Harry Potter fall in love with me, so I can bring him to the Dark Lord, but it back fired as soon as I fell for him. Something that I wasn't planning on doing, but it happened.
"Good plan,"I hear Lucius say.
"The plan back fired,"I whispered.
"What do you mean?,"I heard my uncle ask.
"He did fall in love with me....but I also fell in love with him!,"I said as I raise both my head and voice. Silence fell over the room, they weren't expecting this.
"Why you little brat!,"my mother yelled slapping me right across the face. I fell to the floor, she had a good arm. I tear slipped from the pain, I touched my cheeck and looked her way. She had her wand pointing at me.
Is she really that heartless, that she could kill her own daughter? I saw my father caught in between. I knew he wanted to throw himself in front of the wand and me, but then he would betray him, and that means instant death or torture.
"Stop,"Voldemort said standing up. Everybody turned and looked at him.
"We need her alive if we want the boy,"he continue,"she will live....for now."


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