You dont here that everyday... (Fred and George Love Story!)

You dont here that everyday... (Fred and George Love Story!)

Hey, Im back!! Still on the concept of Snapes daughter!! So yeah, My friend and I are gonna finish this story!! (or try to...) So bye!!!! :D

Chapter 1

Info/Hogwarts Express!

Name: Areabella Snape!

Age: 14!

House: Ravenclaw

Looks: (in the pic)

Hey! Im Areabella!! But, most people call me Bella. Im 15! And im in Ravenclaw, and if your wondering why, my hair is Green, Its because my mum, is a metamorphagis [Sp?] But, Just because im Professer Snape's daughter, does'nt mean that Im all bad! But I can be... ;) Oh, please dont tell Daddy I said that? He expects alot from me!! Im the top Ravenclaw student!!! Well Its September the 10th, I should be packing for Hogwarts!! Bye XOXO!!! (P.S: I'm dating Fred Weasley, and my bff is Katie Potter!!)

(- Next Morning -)

"Areabella! Are you packed?" My father hollard from down the hall.
"Yes, just let me get one more thing..." I said going to my vanity, and picking up my black and white Make-Up bag, Daddy didnt usually let me wear make-up.
I ran down the stairs, picked up an apple, and grabbed my fathers arm.

We apperated to King's Cross Station, i kissed his cheek and hugged him.
"I love you Daddy!!" i said as I walked towards the brick wall that was nine and three quarters. I ran towards the wall and came out on the other side. I smiled as I saw Neville Longbottom looking for his toad again!! I waved to him, and he blushed. " Hi Areabella..." Just then I saw Katie, rough-housing with Harry and Ron. "Katie!" I yelled waving from across the room. She looked around confused then saw me, she grinned, and ran over to me. We hugged! Hermione ran over to me, she was only in 3rd year! I knelt down and kissed her frizzy hair.
Then I saw Katie staring at George Weasley. I smiled, she has had a crush on him scince 1st year, when they met while pulling a prank on McGonnagall! I have a crush on fred though! So one day, we will be sister's in law!!! I have some crazy dream's dont I? I glanced up at the clock, 10:12. I pulled Katie onto the train, "If we want a good compartment, we might need to get on earlier!" I told her. "And maybe we can get a compartment with Fred and George!!" She looked at me, I smiled then nodded. I opened a random compartment, and guess what? Ding-Ding-Ding, Fred and George were there!! Katie froze solid. I laughed and pulled her into the compartment, I sat her next to George. And I sat next to Fred!!! I smiled, " I'm Areabella! But you can call me Bella!" I said extending my hand. "Fred, Fred Weasley!!" he said shaking my hand. "So, Bella.. Who is this?" George asked looking over at Katie, Katie blushed. "Oh, thats my best friend Katie!" I looked at Katie. She smiled, and extended her hand. George shook her hand, and told her his name. "So... Bella... I heard that Snape is your.. you know... dad!" Fred told me. I smiled and nodded. "Is it fun??" George asked me. "Oh... What? I mean... Being his daughter? Yeah! I mean its not like I get treated differently... Wait... What was the question?" I asked, he laughed. Just then the train came to a halt, We had arrived at Hogwarts!! I jumped up and grabbed my bag, "Well! It was nice seeing you Fred, you too George!" I told them, grabbing Katies arm.


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