Invisible (Remus love story)

Lucy Potter is an ordinary fourteen year old girl going to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her second cousin is the popular James Potter. She has confusing boy trouble that she desperately needs advice from her best friend about. But she can never find someone she can fully 100% confide in. After four years at Hogwarts, she still struggles to fit in.

Chapter 1


I didn't think I would be placed in Gryffindor four years ago. Gryffindor's are portrayed as brave and courageous, like all the hero's and main characters in every book. You know, always thinking of others and would save everyone else before themselves. That type of person. So you could imagine the shock I had when the Sorting hat called "GRYFFINDOR!" instead of another house. I didn't think I would be placed in Slytherin. People say I'm too nice for Slytherin. Even with the Dark Wizard rumor aside, Slytherin's are cunning and determined. Sure I'm resourceful like the Slytherin's are but they're also headstrong and stubborn. Not to say that Gryffindor's aren't. But I'd rather be a bit unhappy and avoid dealing with an unhappy wizard that know's how to duel and is probably better at offending people than I am.
So I narrowed the options down to either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. I was leaning more towards Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw's are witty and intelligent. Not that I'm stupid, My friend says I was born really smart. I don't think I'm that intelligent, I see most questions as common sense and I'm good at remembering lessons so I don't have to study that often. Maybe I'm smart because I like to do mind puzzle's or read old novels with big words and old English in my spare time. Or maybe it's because my Dad is a History Nerd and very factual and loves to tell me a story of a battle that happened 5 years ago or to tell me how things work and why?
So I thought I would be in Hufflepuff. Where the loyal and friendly people are. but now that I think about it, Hufflepuff's are always surrounded by friends and very social. Well I'm the complete opposite. I almost never have five or more people around me asking to sit beside me in the Great Hall and I'm not very social. In a group, I almost never say anything and I suck at just talking to one person. I never know what to talk about and I don't know how to respond and keep a conversation going. I think whenever I change the subject a bit, I'm so selfish. Like I'm always talking about me. However, I love talking to people who love to talk or people who are ranting because I can just nod and agree. When they tell a story that happened to them, it's better for everyone.
I think what put me in Gryffindor was how I love to explore and my curiosity. But that's a sucky reason. Who know's what goes on in the head of that talking hat anyway.
So you understand how I was surprised to be placed in Gryffindor but I was more relieved to have my sorting done and to finally know what house I was in and stop wondering. Ever since I got my letter, I'd been imagining what my life at Hogwarts would be like to be in each house. Gryffindor wasn't exactly my favorite.
James Potter, my second cousin. Not brother like everyone thinks at first. He was sorted into Gryffindor as well. Another thing I wasn't really excited for.
But then I saw him at the Gryffindor table and I became the happiest person in the Great Hall.


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