Love You? Not Even In A Song... (Justin Bieber Love Story)

Love You? Not Even In A Song... (Justin Bieber Love Story)

NEW STORY :) its JB love/hate story. can Justin handle this crazy and confusing wild child? you'll see :)
(pic of Danny!) each chapter requires 3 comments for a continuing chapter
~ Kat <3

Chapter 1

i gotta do boring stuff first.

Danielle "Danny" Angelina Black
age : 17
grade : 12th
Appearance : Dark brown hair with light brown and black and auburn infusions. brown eyes, almond shaped. 5'6 mostly legs. long legs and torso pretty evenly proportioned. her hair is past her shoulder blades, almost to her waist.
Personality : crazy, wild, funny, unique, sweet, loyal, spontaneous, zesty, creative, talented, nice, can be mean or rude, seriously out going, and just a really good person all around.
Talent : Singing, playing guitar, piano, and drums. She can also dance and is an amazing artist.
House :
Bedroom :
(her bedroom is on the second floor and it has a spiral staircase in it that leads to her own personal art studio/loft/ music room.
Family : Her dad - Luke Black (best selling author)
sister - Mackenzie Black (dances and acts) (polar opposite of Danny and her dad. she has blond hair and blue eyes and she is kinda short about 5'3.)

Justin Drew Bieber
age : 17
grade : 12th
(obviously everything as normal)

and plus Justins friends:
~Ryan Butler and
~Christian beadles
and all of them. plus Danny friends:
~Jason Cruz (twins)
~ Jessie cruz (twins)
~Veronica Moore (Ronny)
~Bailey Kraft

Background Info
her friends put up a professional looking music video of Danny singing and dancing and playing piano and guitar and that's how Justin and Usher found them. they moved to Georgia 4 years ago when Danny was a freshman and Kenzie was an 8th grader. her dad is a best selling novelist (hence the huge house) and Danny doesnt know that Justin and Usher are coming to sign her.

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