Best Friend Ever!!!

Read this if you want to know about the most awesome girl and friend ever!

Chapter 1


Okay, I'm writing this to tell you about my best friend on here (besides Bree. She is too!) Gymdogs aka Randy. She is a wonderful girl with a wonderful heart! She'd do almost anything for you as long as you are nice to her. She just did me a huge favor for me because I couldn't do it myself on this computer. She deserves the Awesomness Award!
If you want to have the best Quibblo friend in the world, look her up! She's on my friends list #1. She writes awesome stories and it great to talk to!
Send her a request, talk to her, and you will love her too!
She appreciates ratings and comments on her stories too, so go ahead and do that while your at it!
Just an FYI, she didn't ask me to do this. I'm doing it all on my own, so you all can know about this wonderful girl!



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