Forever Young- A Louis Tomlinson Love Story

I love Louis and really wanted to make my own love story on him. Enjoy (:

Chapter 1

Another day, another headache

Loui's POV:

"Great," I muttered as we pulled up to our hotel. It was the middle of Summer in LA and hundreds of screaming fangirls had once again, gotten in our way. Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn moaned in disapproval. None of the lads liked the screaming, squealing, crazed fangirls that had been stocking us ever since we touched down at LAX airport two days ago. For once, I thought to myself, I'd like a girlfriend that didn't squeal every five seconds saying, "youre Louis from One Direction! OMyGosh!!!" I had gotten repeated headaches over the last couple of months of touring in America, and almost lost half my clothes to an angry mob of those boy crazy teenagers back in Chicago. As we were about to step out of the limo, our tour manager, Dave, said "remember boys, big smiles and be nice!" We all groaned in protest but had no choice to argue, so we each put on a flashing smile for the fangirls and the blinding cameras of the Paparazzi.

Name: Taylor Sims
Age: 17 1/2 years
Tall, short, curly brown hair, greenish hazel eyes, one dimple on left cheek
residence: Orange County, Southern California
Taylor's POV:

"Oh My Gosh, check this out!," my best friend Julie almost screamed. "I talked to my parents, and they said that they could pay for us all to go to the One Direction concert in LA on Saturday!" My other three friends, Emily, Marisa, and Sierra squealed in the same tone as Julie and I tried to look excited. Truthfully, I wasn't all that crazy for them and did NOT want to squeal, especially not in front of people, it's just not my style. "Aren't you excited, Taylor? We're going to a ONE DIRECTION concert, EEEP!!," cried Emily in a very excited manner. "Yeah, totally," I told them. "This is something you guys have been waitng months for, and I'm not going to tear down all your hard work." "Aww," said Julie, "you don't like them, do you?" "I never said that," I said, scarlet in the face half from anger, and half embarrassment. "Do you even know more than one song or any of their names?" I stared at the ground and shook my head no. The truth was, I knew another song besides What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, and it was my favorite. I had also picked up one of the guys names from some of the "Directioners" at school-- Louis. That's all I knew and I didn't even know what he looked like or what his singing voice sounded like. "Oh well, how could we leave you, Tay? And trust me, you'll love it," said Marisa. I trusted her. We had been friends for most of our lives including Sierra. The three of us all lived on the same street our whole lives. "I didn't say I wouldn't come," I said, pointing out my previous statement. "True," said Sierra. "What are we waiting for then, lets buy us some new outfits for the concert," I said, half dragging them to my car.

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