Falling Forever

Falling Forever

Ember has always loved Darren but she is only a peasant girl and he is a King. Swimming in a lagoon not far from the castle, it becomes her special spot. She sings to the trees and bathes in the moonlight. One night, an old woman knocks at the castle doors and requests to see the king. Ember is chosen to rule over a powerful kingdom... The question is Can she do it?

Chapter 1

I Love You

by: Miss_Lady
My cheeks flushed bright red at the sound of their laughter.

"To think you actually have a crush on a King." One of them spat out angrily. Her cold blue eyes examined me as one would an insect. I recoiled at the dark look.

"And not just any King either... Darling, do you know what type of man his majesty is?" The ring leader smiled, but there was nothing of gentility in her eyes.

All three ladies stared at me awaiting an answer to what I'd thought to be a retorical question. I played nervously with my skirt and watched the floor with keen interest. Maria would have none of it and stepped towards me with harmful intent.

"Exactly." She practically spat. "What are you, dearest Ember? You're a servant and guess what?" She paused for a moment as she assessed me. "That's all you'll ever be."

"ENOUGH." A deep familiar voice snapped.

I closed my eyes against the tears and kept my eyes trained on the floor as I curtsied to the King. I could feel his eyes on me, but I did not look up to meet his intense gaze.

"Your majesty," Marie smiled deviously. "We were just teasing the girl. Look at her. She can barely keep the tears at bay." All three of them laughed.

"I said enough." He growled. "Get out of my sight."

The three ladies headed for the door but not before throwing me a dangerous look. I ignored it and headed for a seperate door, but Darren would not allow it.

"Ember." He called softer this time. "Look at me."

I raised my eyes to his shoulders, but I refused to meet his eyes. He'd told me once he loved me and he'd shown me that tenderness. I knew his heart better than anyone and yet, we still stood in the same place. Seperated by the thoughts of others.

"I have chores, your majesty." For the first time in my life, I curtsied and left without an order. This time, it would be me who walked away.

From that day on, he treated me like everyone else.

* * * * *

~ Two Years Later ~

I slipped the dress from my body and looked longingly across the water of the lagoon. Weeping Willows were scattered shooting out from the water, lily pads floated gently a top the water. The full moon bathed the lagoon in light and added a magic to the atmosphere.

I closed my eyes and let the breeze caress my body. In the distance I could hear crickets calling for a mate. Weeping Willow trees swayed in the wind and reached for me as if to embrace an old friend.

I wiped away the stray tear that had found its way down my cheek and dove into the water as if my life depended on it. The water ran along the length of my body as if it was the hand of a lover and I smiled as I shot back up from the water. I swam to a rock and bathed in the sunlight wearing only my undergarments.

Then, I sang to the moon of my sorrows and my fears. Longing pulled at my heart and I silentely wished for a miracle.

"I love you," I whispered to the wind. "Why can't you love me too?"


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