which 1D member are you most like

yayyy i did my own you should to i think im more like harry =D but i love them all

Chapter 1

make your own =D

Harry Styles
You have a strong voice. [x]
You have a deep voice. [x]
You like older (wo)men.
You're fit.
You love cats. [x]
You sleep whenever possible. [x]
You have curly hair. [x]
You're the younger one out of your group of friends. [x]
You care about what others think of you. [x]
You love sappy movies.[x]

Louis Tomlinson

You're funny. [x]
You aren't afraid to speak your mind.
You're the older one out of your group of friends.
You like carrots. [x]
You have a higher voice.
You were born on or very close to a holiday.
You have many siblings. [x]
You have been in a musical before.
You like striped clothing.[x]
You have pair(s) of Toms.[x]

Niall Horan

You have an Irish descent.
You LOVE food.[x]
You tend to be more childish.[x]
You have blonde hair.[x](blondish)
You have braces.
You are constantly on your phone/computer/etc. [x]
You play a musical instrument.
You don't read very often.
You are good at impersonations.
People often mispronounce your name. [x]

Liam Payne

You have an interesting fear.
You dedicate much of your time to people you love.
You love Disney movies. [x]
You're loyal. [x]
You're faithful. [x]
You seem to be the leader of your group of friends.
You had birth defects.
You have a summer birthday.[x]
You love making people smile. [x]

Zayn Malik

You're shy at first. [x]
You put family first.
You are a very neat person.
You have tattoos.
You bite your lip when you're nervous. [x]
You're romantic.[x]
You love chick flicks and other sappy films.[x]
You love deep moving quotes. [x]
You're very protective. [x]
You smoke.


So who are you most like?
Harry! :)

What's your favorite song by them?
i have 3...1.save you tonight, 2.i should have kissed you, and 3.same mistakes
who is you favorite?
Well, I love them all so much but I have to say Harry<3
Please copy and do your own! :D


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