Hey everybody, this is a group story I'm writing with Panicattheblackparade!! Alright so its about a girl named Hailey Reid. Long red hair, dark blue eyes. Very smart, brave. :) comments appreciated!!

Chapter 1

Party time.... Or not

"Where the hell are you girl??" Courtney demanded. "Come on the shows starting in like, 30 minutes!"
I laughed. "I'll be there in ten"
"You better!" she laughed back, through the phone.
I hung up the phone, smiling at the impatience of my friend. Since my parents left for a weekend long vacation in Hawaii yesterday, I didn't have to sneak out to go to the movies at midnight with friends because they wouldn't know. I looked at myself in the mirror. Skinny jeans, a tank top with a loose shirt that hands on one shoulder and a heart shaped locket. Good to go. I throw on black flats, and walked outside to my old, beaten-up car. I hopped in and started the car, turned up the radio that was playing 'the ballad of Mona Lisa' by Panic! At the disco. Eventually after a ten minute drive and an extra ten for parking, I net up with Courtney an we settled down in our seats.
When the movie was over, we walked outside laughing our heads off. We went back into my car, but it wouldn't start. I tried a few more times but sighed after realizing it was no use. "Well that sucks!" Courtney exclaims.
"Don't you have your cell? Just call my brother, he'll come get us." I say.
"yeah...in my car"
"Wait, you have your car?"
"It's out of gas, but my cell is there."
She pulls her keys out of her pocket, and by the expression on her face, a pleading face, I know that she's doesn't want to go get it. I smile, and she smiles back "You know I love you".
"Yeah, yeah." I reply, getting out of the car.
I walk down the street, avoiding the small crowd. I figure it would be faster to cut through the alley, so I did. There was actually a series of alleys, so I kept switching directions. until I heard someone behind me.
I slowly turned my head, just enough to see a shadow of the two figures. I kept walking.
But they keep following me. I pay too much attention and fear to them until I realize....I'm lost.
No. No no no no, I can't be lost, I think. I'm not lost, I know these alleys like the back of my hand. But it's too dark. Suddenly, Im at a dead end! Oh....shit. One of them runs and grabs me from behind, and he puts a damp cloth over my mouth, and I black out.

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