A Suicide Note

NO, this is not anyone's suicide note. This is a STORY written by fredanddracoaremyconsorts and Peacegirl13. Comment and tell us what you think!

Chapter 3


She couldn't believe it. Heather; Heather had actually apologised.
Lexie was sitting at home on her bed. She felt empty. The tears were there, but they wouldn't come. And so, she was stuck, wallowing in this state of misery, without even Karen to comfort her. Because Karen was the cause of the problem. Karen did this to me, she thought fiercely, but was immediately drained of the emotion. What was the point, she thought, of going on anymore? Her whole reason for life was gone. Before she had met Karen, she used to cut. She had the scars to prove it. And the worst part was, the kids at school; the Eleanor's, as she and Karen had called them; encouraged her.
"Maybe some day, you'll cut too deep and die," they sneered. "I sure hope she does," Eleanor had smirked, and she flounced away, her entourage following.
And then Karen had arrived, like a lighthouse in the bleak ocean that was secondary school, guiding her from the very first day. She was pretty enough to be one of the Eleanor's, Lexie remembered. But she took a good look around the class, and sat down beside Lexie.
From then on, Lexie and Karen sat together in every class. Looking back, Lexie didn't suppose this was a good idea. Karen's absense would be even more obvious when Lexie was next to an empty chair.
Lexie sighed, and pulled her computer towards her. At least she could comfort herself with Facebook, and the loving words she knew would surround Karen's profile.
But there were none. No loving words. No remorseful comments. No "RIP Karen", no "I'm sorry, Karen." None of that. Instead were the words of filth.
Too bad you didn't take Elizabeth with you. Then maybe we'd all be happy.
Thank God the freak's dead, I would have killed her myself eventually.
HA, the fvcking freak was an emo! Bet she cut, just like her freak friend.
On and on the comments spanned. But at the end, in black and white, Lexie saw it. That one ray of hope left on a dark night.
I'm so sorry for how I treated you, Karen. RIP
And it was from Heather.

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