A Suicide Note

NO, this is not anyone's suicide note. This is a STORY written by fredanddracoaremyconsorts and Peacegirl13. Comment and tell us what you think!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Peacegirl13

My name is Heather. I knew Karen and even though I didn't talk to her much, I kinda liked her. But when I talked to her..the words came out as bullying. Not a lot of people liked Karen and I wanted to fit in so I just pretended like I didn't like her either. I feel so guilty about it. I feel like I'm the reason she committed suicide.


Karen was walking to her locker. A bunch of kids dared me to trip her. I didn't wanna be bullied or anything so I went along with it even though I hated myself for it. I stuck out my shaking leg. Karen tumbled over my foot, dropping her books. Everyone laughed while just fake-laughed. I wanted to tell her the reason I was being so mean but I was afraid she wouldn't believe me. Karen had tears on her eyes and embarassment in her expression. She quickly gathered her books and ran. "That was great!" One of the kids said, high-fiving me. I high-fived them back but I really wanted to slap their faces instead of their hands.

"Thanks." I replied. The bell rang for class. A kid passed me a note. "Pass this to Karen." they whispered. I opened the note and it said "FREAK." in black marker. I passed it to her. Her eyes saw that one word and furiosly ripped up the paper and threw it in the recycling bin.
"Would you guys leave her alone?" Lexi glared defensively.
"But she's so stupid and worthless and she is a freak/." One kid said. "Right Heather?"
I wanted to defend myself and Karen but I was afraid. "Um, right...she's a total freak." I said pretenfing to agree. Karen's eyes filled with tears and she plopped her head on her desk.

End of flashback

I went up to Lexi. She rolled her eyes. "What do you want Heather?"
"To say I'm sorry..for everything. I mean it." I replied. I walked away and a single tear rolled down my cheek.

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