A Suicide Note

NO, this is not anyone's suicide note. This is a STORY written by fredanddracoaremyconsorts and Peacegirl13. Comment and tell us what you think!

Chapter 1


The principal's voice rang out on the intercom, and the sound reverberated around the corridors and into the classrooms.
"Would all first years please report to the main assembly area as soon as possible. Students are to be accompanied by their teachers."
The students filed out of their classrooms, the boys yelling and whooping, the girls walking side by side, chatting animatedly to one another. But the teachers were stony faced, and hushed them constantly.
One girl trailed behind everyone else. Her name was Elizabeth Lexa, but her best friend, Karen, called her Lexie. Lexie missed Karen. She wasn't in school that day, and she wasn't answering her phone. This didn't bother Lexie too much. Karen never answered her phone. Lexie wouldn't have been surprised if Karen had forgotten she owned such a thing.
Lexie was alone. Karen was her best friend; and her only friend. She was a loner, a loser, a hopeless case. The other first years had long since stopped talking to her. Wonder where Karen is, Lexie thought miserably. She must be sick. There's no other reason.
Upon arriving in the assembly, Lexie looked for some place to sit, someone to sit next to. But there were no places. Lexie had walked to slowly, and she was forced to sit on the floor. She faced the principal, hoping whatever he was going to say would be interesting enough to drown her misery. It was unlikely.
The principalwas looking unusually sombre. He was one of those people that sings constantly. He never shuts up. It got on Lexie's nerves sometimes. She supposed that this would be about the school tour, and instantly shut down. She wouldn't be going on the school tour anyway. She didn't have enough money. But she decided that she'd better pay attention, just in case he said something important.
The princial stepped up to the podium. His face was washed out and grey.
"A great tragedy has struck us today," he began.
"What, Karen's not in?" shouted someone from the other side of the hall. "Cause I'm not sure that could be considered a tragedy!"
Lexie swallowed hard. Her and Karen were basically outcasts, but it still hurt to hear it.
The prinsipal didn't bat an eyelid. "Detention every day until the end of the school year," he said, "and see me in my office after this."
"A great tragedy has struck us today," he repeated. "I take it from the rude comment that you have noticed the absence of one Karen Lekie from your midst this morning?"
There was a general mumbling that was obviously supposed to mean yes, but Lexie felt her heart jump. Karen. He was talking about Karen. Immediately, her brain went into overdrive. What was wrong with her? Had she hurt herself? Had a member of her family died? Had she been in a car crash on her way to school?
"Karen was depressed," the principal continued. "She wasn't a happy person,and this was something that we here at the school should feel responsible for, because we ignored it."
Of course, Lexie knew this. Karen talked about escaping the "barren walls of this school turned prison."
The principal swallowed. He looked sick.
"Karen Lekie died in the early hours of this morning."
Lexie was speechless. She couldn't talk. She couldn't move. She was paralysed, glued to one spot whle hearing those disgusting lies emmiting from her principals mouth. Because they must have been lies. Musn't they?
"She committed suicide." The principal was still talking. What was wrong with him? Why must he persist to lie to so many children? Was he some kind of sick sadist?
"She hung herself on the frame of her door. Her mother found her like that this morning. Her grandfather came in to me this morning with a photocopy of Karen's suicide note."
At this, he withdrew a crumpled sheet of paper from his pocket and began to read.

"Dear Mum, Grandad, family, friend;

I'm sorry. I had to end my pain and suffering. I couldn't stand it any longer, to be ridiculed in school, to have to live the horrible life that I lead. I understand that thsi hurts you, but I beg you, do not waste your tears on me. Don't cry for me. I don't deserve your pity.

Lexie. You're my best friend, my only friend. I'll miss you like crazy. Don't let the Eleanor's get you down. And don't cry for me. Please. I want you to be happy. I've finally got what I want.

Mum, I know this will hurt you. But since Dad died, I feel like you don't even know I'm there anymore. Apart from the times that we were fighting.

To all my school chums. Happy now? Leave Lexie alone, you're nothing but a bunch of cowards. So shut up the sniggering, and Eleanor, wipe that smile off your face or I'll come back from the dead just to get rid of it for you.

I love you, Lexie, Mum, Grandad. But I hate my life more. And I feel that my time has come and that I had to leave you. I only hope that you can suffer me this one last request. Don't cry. Don't mourn. I want you to be happy.


A hollow silence filled the assembly. It continued on for several minutes, until Lexie broke free of her paralysis.
"LIAR!" she screamed, racing forwards and attacking the principal.
She punctuated each word with a blow, and then collapsed in a shaking heapon the floor. Karen couldn't be dead. She couldn't. Could she?

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