The Masked Man (A Harry Potter group story)

This is set in the fourth Harry Potter book. It was written by me (fredanddracoaremyconsorts) and HermioneGrangerWatson. Enjoy, and comment!! XD

Chapter 1




Name: Haley Farrel
Age: 14
Year(if still in school): 4th
Academic Skills: Good at math
Parentage (Mugglborn, Pureblood etc): Half-Blood
Loyalties (Voldemort/Harry): Harry
Love interest (if any): Ron Weasley
Gender: Female
Patronus (if able to cast one): Sparrow
Animagus(if an Animagi): Sparrow (Patronus same/ chose it based on patronus)
Fav. class: Charms
Fav. teacher: Dumbledore
Personality: Smart, like Hermione but not as bossy. Outgoing and popular.
Best friends: Luna Lovegood, Ron Weasley (his secret tutor), Hermione Granger, and Harry Potter.
House: Ravenclaw
Generation: Golden Trio


Name: Zanaya Lesda
Age: 14
Year(if still in school): 4th
Academic Skills: Smart,cunning, sly,all the usual Slytherin traits.
Parentage (Mugglborn, Pureblood etc): Pureblood
Loyalties (Voldemort/Harry): Voldemort
Love interest (if any): Draco Malfoy (has him cheatiing on Pansy with her)
Gender: Female
Patronus (if able to cast one): Eagle
Animagus(if an Animagi): Eagle
Fav. class: Divination (to make fun of Trelawney)
Fav. teacher: None
Personality: Sarcastic, snobbish, nice to some, hates Hayley, can be funny.
Appearance: Tall, blonde curly long hair, brown eyes, lots of eyeliner and mascara
Best friends: Draco Malfoy, Crabbe,Goyle, Pansy (secretly hates her), any other Slytherin
House: Slytherin
Generation: Golden Trio

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