MY FRIEND FINALLY HAD HER BABY!!! (please read my happiness!!) :D :D

I'm sooo happy and proud I thought I'd share with everyone!!!!

Chapter 1


So, Thursday 20th April 2012 my friend Rachel had her baby!
A little girl! She's 5 days old now and still has no name!! What the hell?!
I saw a picture of her on Friday and she's absolutley beautiful, and I'm not even saying that because she's my friend's baby!
She weighed 6.2lb, which is such a nice size!!!
They're both doing fine! Apparently she's a really good baby, she sleeps for 4 hours straight, eats sooo much (she's breast feeding) and hardly ever cries!
I'm sure she'll make up for it soon!
And my friend Rachel, is soo happy! She said that the baby is amazing, she's proud to be her mum, she's lucky to have her and she even makes her happy when she wakes her up at night!!!!

I'm sooo happy!!!!
The other day my stomach was really hurting and my boobs have been hurting, so my mum was like "you're having sympathy pains for her!"

Anyways, I'm gonna keep updating, even if no one reads or cares, I'm too happy to think about anything else!!
I'll try upload a picture when I meet her!!! Oh My Goodness!!

Thanks for reading!!!


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