Far Longer than Forever( A Prince Derek Love Story)

Serena meets and falls in love with Prince Derek

Chapter 1

A Stormy Day Turns Into A Sunny Week

"Ugh," I groaned as I had to walk to school in the pouring rain," Stupid Bus! Could this day get any worse?!"
Suddenly I got a video message on my cell phone from my best guy friend Roxas showing my boyfriend Brutus making out with another girl.
"Ugh! Figures! What else could go wrong?!"
Suddenly the rain came down even harder, soaking me to the skin.
"Oh great.I've got to learn not to open my mouth."
I was shivering cold by the time I got to school, when someone draped their jacket over my shoulders.
"Here...this will keep you warm."
I looked up into the face of a handsome young gentleman. He was tall, slender, and had a regal sort of build and stance. His skin was ivory pale, and his face was quite charming. Those soft blue eyes met mine as he took my hand and kissed it, his short straight chestnut brown hair moving as he bent.
"Good morning, my name is Derek, and you are?"
"Serena," I replied.
Derek and I started talking and I immediately liked him.
"Oh,I...I don't like talking about my home much, because people will think I 'm a prissy,bossy, spoiled rich kid-which I'm not- spoiled that is," Derek said when I asked him about his home,"Unlike others, I believe in giving back."
I remember thinking,"Where have you been all of my life?"
Brutus was always arrogant and bossy, often treating me like one of his maids instead of a girlfriend, but Derek seems to be a real sweetheart.
When I struggled with my heavy books, Derek chuckled, took my books, and said, "Allow me."
"Why thank you."
The whole day, Derek and I became fast friends, and Derek soon befriended Roxas.
"Yeah, Brutus was a real...well...a real donkey towards Serena. I know I shouldn't be saying that, but you look like a good guy-you know what, let me tell you, I think Serena deserves a guy who's a real prince."
Roxas and Derek locked eyes and Derek nodded...an unspoken guy-to-guy communication thing apparently(I swear I'll never understand boys).
Derek smiled( he's got a gorgeous smile) and said," I've heard of Brutus and his less than sterling reputation when it comes to women."
His blue eyes met mine as he said," Which disgusts me, because I believe that every girl is a princess in their own way and should be treated as such."
I blushed. I think he likes me! As the days went on, Derek regaled me with all sorts of tales and ballads-like the funny one about the knight with the armor made of recycled dog food cans! I loved that one- I cracked up laughing when he sang that ballad. Derek really was quite the charming and witty gentleman.
i think he even made Roxas a little green with envy...
This week really was quite sunny.

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