I AM SO WEIRD XD (Also,School tips! :D)

Chapter 1

My weird self...

During school days i'm like "GAH! WHEN WILL IT BE SATURDAY!?! -.-"

Then during the weekends,I write and draw and i'm like "When can I go back to school?"

XD So,when I get new stuff,it's either Friday,Saturday,or sunday,and then I feel like organizing. But then I can't find what I'm looking for!

I just got 5 packs of binder paper(which makes 500 sheets),a new 1 1/2 inch binder,3 packs of 2-pack pencils, 1 pack of 3-pack 0.7 lead,and another pack of 2-pack jumbo erasers,but i didn't see it the label! Dx Luckily I have pencils with huge erasers. xD

How bout some tips?


Don't you hate it when you use your eraser too much and it's stuck in the compartment?Well,get a needle,or a thumbtack and stick it into the eraser and take it out. That way,you don't ruin your pencil/eraser while trying to take it out.

If you're a drawer,or you make alot of mistakes (like me) Then keep a big eraser around. YOu don't have to buy a huge one. That's just silly. Buy the 3 pack pink erasers. But I reccomend a big eraser that's white cause I notice that White erases better.

Buy the white eraser that looks like a grid at the back,though i dunno what it's called....I'm gonna google it! XD

I found it,thank the gods for google!

The eraser will say " Super Hi-Polymer,red along the sides,made by Pental." It comes in a 3 pack if you can find it! I suggest Walmart,Target,Office Max,Staples,or try to find it on a trip to the grocery store!

Need anymore questions asked,ask! :D I'd love to answer.

I'm gonna add a few more tips,catagorized! YAY!

If you're in High School w/ a locker: Have a different binder for every class.You can have each binder color coded. That way,if you get the same color,you're like "OK...WHERE'S MY ____ BINDER?!!"
Or you can have the spine facing you and put the name of which Binder it is with a sharpie. Ex: ELA,SCIENCE,MATH etc....
Get 1 1/2 to 2 inch rings with the ones where one side is going in the other,you know what I mean? That way,your rings don't get messed up.

for fun!! If you'd like,get the binder with a cover on the top so you can slip a paper in it to make your binder look creative!

If In Elementary School or Middle School without Lockers: Carry a 1 1/2 inch binder with dividers that has pockets!

You can buy any type wether it's a lead pencil or wood...... Make sure to get extras! If you have a wooden pencil,make sure you carry a pencil sharpener. (That has a holder)
If you have a lead pencil,carry extra lead!!! Yeah,My expierence is everyone always asks me for lead. If you have a lot of it,I suggest it be hidden and have a good eye on it. I got a pack of 0.7 lead and I didn't listen to my mom to take a few at a time and I left it out in reach and someone stole it. -.-
And if you get a wooden,choose the yellow colored one. They sharpen better. If you get a lead pencil,make sure it's 0.7 lead,everyone's likely to have 0.7. And if you get a lead pencil,try to make sure it's different then what someone else has,cause you can confuse yourself,and the other person can get confused.


I've got a lot of things stolen. It's VERY annoying. -.- If you get a pencil,wrap a bit of painting tape on it (it can be blue or beige) and write your name, if someone takes your pencil,you can tell a teacher and your name's the proof. If you get an eraser,put your initals on it. Name your stuff

Okay,it really doesn't matter,but this is my opinion,get the ballpoint and the pens that you can see the ink. Not like those other ones. and It can be Blue,Black,or Red. If you're in a class that doesn't care about color ink,you can buy any you want.

Get the big erasers.

Get the 5-Star,they're the best with more compartments. My friend uses FOlders instead of Binders to save room in her backpack. You can do that if you want if you have no lockers. Get the folders with the rings in it so you can put papers in it too

Get College ruled. More teachers Perfer college ruled and you can save paper! Put your name in SHARPIE
If you get a spiraled notebook,get COLLEGE RULED and you can get a 1,3,or 5 subject! (it's odd numbers! ^.^)

PAPER:You can use 5-star cause they have a strip so the papers don't get ripped out. GET COLLEGE RULED. I CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH!!!

(exept put your name in pencil on paper/in-classwork/Assignments/Quizzes/Homework)

Also,Name your papers like this at Upper righthand corner:
Period(If you have one)

Name: John Duy


And at the top,put the assignment. Ex: Homework 5.7:Fractions and Decimals: Pg 152 (5-30 odds)


These tips can work for 1-12 grade! I dunno about College cause i'm not in it yet.....I'm not that old! xD (no offence to collegers xD NEW WORD!! :D)

Thanks! ^.^ Ask for any more suggestions/questions,and comment if it's helped you! I'm glad to help!


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