The Bitter-Sweet Tale of How I Came to be. (Sweet Tooth's backstory)

For anyone wondering, this is my idea of how Sweet Tooth, from starkidpotter's new play called Holy Musical B@man came to be that Sweet Psychopath we all now know and love. ^-^ this should be fun! This is my first time writing a story here, so please, criticize me! I want to become better at writing for your enjoyment. :) without further ado, enjoy!
Sweet Tooth's name will be Reese York, (see what I did there? ;P) because it wasn't ever specified in the play itself.

Chapter 1


by: Scalemate
For as long as I have wreaked havok on this wretched earth, my parents had owned a small candy shop on the corner; they loved it and cared for it, far more than they'd ever loved and cared for me. Of course, they'd say they love me, but their gazes would be immediately attracted then back to the racks of chocolate, or the shelves of nougat filled candies. All perfectly organized and triple checked as always. I knew that to them I was just another hand to care for their real children. Their sweets. Every day, it was my task to catalogue each candy in our stock, make sure we had no more and no less of every one of the things.
Over the years, I began to loath the sweets that my parents were so captivated with. It filled me with a powerful, but quiet anger each time I passed a piece.

Of course, I hadn't just immediately figured out that they loved their candy more than their own child, I was too naive back then. I believed that there was no way they could choose a few little objects over their own flesh and blood son. Hoever, I was plunged into utmost certaintly of this fact on one fateful night, many years ago...

This is how it all began.

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