TVHG Challenges: Liam Framewood (Cancelled)

My entree for TVHG; these are a collection of all the challenges because I figured this would be easier to organize than make many different sorties for each challenge.
Tribute: Liam Ethan Framewood, Disctict 2
CANCELLED due to termination of the contest may use this character in other ones though.

Chapter 1

The Reaping

I rolled out of bed and already saw daylight hitting my window; I must have slept in. Of all days to sleep in, I chose this one; and I wanted to get some training in before the reaping, so much for that. My parents must already be at the reaping waiting for me.

I woke my little brother, Aston, as I slipped on my best pair of dress pants and a deep blue dress shirt. I wanted to look good when Gemmarie Bayer announced me as the District two tribute.

This would be his first year entering the Games, but he knew he wouldn‘t get picked. The best male always volunteers and this time it would be me.

Soon we were out the door and hurrying towards the Reaping. By the time we got there it was already overcrowded and we had to push through people to get to the Sign-in. The lady told us we were late and had us sign in, then we were soon ushered into our designated areas.

All the guys moved out of my way once I got in line. They all knew I was volunteering and they had respect for me. I liked it. I can’t even imagine what they would do once I was victor. They would treat me like a hero, as they should. All of our past victors have been treated like royalty once they get back, and I will be no different.

Soon they started talking about the history of the Games and I lost interest. I have heard this all before. We stayed by the Capitol’s side during the rebellion and were rewarded for doing so. Life isn’t easy here, but we are far better off the most of the other districts. If anything were to happen, I know we would stay by their side again. The Capitol protects us and we protect them.

I turned around and my green eyes scanned the line of twelve year olds to find Aston. He, and all the other young boys, looked so scared but were trying to be tough. Laughing I turned around as they began listing off our past victors. Next year, I will my name will be on that list.

Not quite interested in the female tribute yet, I searched the swelling crowd for my parents. I eventually found them holding hands and watching the ceremony. The Games are serious in my family. My two older brothers both entered when the were sixteen and both died. Gregory made it pretty far until he was killed, but Bill was killed at the Cornucopia. He brought shame to our family, so I am here to redeem us.

Since I was little it was drilled into my head that I would either be a Peacekeeper, or a tribute. I always dreamed of being a Peacekeeper, but after Bill; I knew I had to volunteer. The past three years have been the toughest training I ever had, but it is worth it. I can kill with any weapon, especially my bare hands.

Focusing back on the ceremony, I realized they were soon to pick the male tribute. Every sixteen year old surrounding me was tense as Gemmarie wished us luck and dug into the bowl for the name. Some scrawny boy two years younger than me was called and he looked like he would wet his pants. After my fit of laughter I inhaled a deep breath and declared:

"I volunteer."

The boy look relieved as I head up to the podium. All the guys in my line patted my back as I walked past. With head held high and shoulders back, I walked up the steps and stood on the empty side of Gemmarie.

"What is your name?"

"Liam Framewood," I said proudly into the microphone.

A huge round of applause erupted and cameras flashed. I showed off my bright white smile to the Capitol. From here on out, this game is all about strategy and brute strength. Good thing I have both.

A few last words were said and I shook hands with the other tribute, but all I was thinking is that I am one step closer to regaining pride for my family, one step closer to proving myself, one step closer to winning the Hunger Games.

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