Get Out Of My Head ;) One Direction Love Story

I know what you're thinking, but I promise, this is a group story! Me and my friends really wanted to do one, even though we each have our own stories! I know the names are also very familiar but we decided to use our names! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

School Time

by: Stylinson

My History teacher drawled on about the First World War. I didn’t listen. I didn’t really understand when we were going to need this information in everyday life. I rested my head on my pencil case and felt sleep threaten to take over. Someone elbowed me hard in my right side. I shot up from the desk and glared at Talia.
“What?” I hissed.
“Do you want to pass or not?” She asked quietly.
I shrugged and laid back down. After a long forty minutes of complete boredom the sweet sound of the bell released us from fifth period. We gathered our things and departed the stuffy classroom.
“Where are you next?” Talia quizzed.
“Er, Chemistry.” I replied.
“Why do you take so many sciences?” She sighed.
It was true, I did take a lot of science classes. Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and Physics. Basically, I only left out one, Geology. I don’t like learning about rocks.
“What have you got?” I asked Talia.
“PDHPE.” She replied happily.
I rolled my eyes and we parted. I strolled down to the labs, taking my time. It was Friday, I was tired and I did not want to have to think hard. I arrived at the lab just as the teacher arrived. I slipped in after him and sat beside my other best friend.
“You’re late young lady.” She whispered.
I laughed.
“This is a rare occasion when you’re early.” I said back.
We quietened down when the teacher began marking the roll. Once again it was a theory therefore no experiments.
“Are you excited for Sunday?” I asked in a hushed tone.
She looked at me with sparkling eyes.
“You have no idea.”
I giggled. Sunday was the day of the One Direction concert. We were so very excited to go, we had been planning for months.
“We have to go shopping.” I stated.
She nodded vigorously before going back to work. I watched the time slip away ever so slowly. It seemed everything had gone so slow today, being the weekend of the biggest event in our year. When the bell finally chimed through the school, I collected my stuff quickly and bolted for the door. Ali followed suit.
“I wish we could do more practicals.” She said.
I agreed. We ascended the stairs to our lockers. This was the first year they were side by side. I undid the lock easily and threw my books in before dragging my bag out.
“I am so glad I don’t have to go home to that cow that is my sister.” I sighed.
Talia gave me that look.
“You love her and you know it.” She said firmly.
I scoffed.
“Yeh right!”
We all locked our lockers and made way for the outside.
“Well, I’m just glad we’re spending a whole week together!” Talia cheered.
I laughed. Yes, we were spending a whole week together, inseparable. The thing was, my parents were going away on business for a week, therefore I was staying at Ali’s. And just for fun Talia was coming too. We already had all our stuff dropped off there. We went out the front and waited in the designated bus area. It soon chugged along and we climbed aboard. I always very much disliked bus trips but was forced to have one each and every day. It wasn’t long before Ali notified us of her stop. We jumped out, relieved.
“I say it every day, I hate buses!” I exclaimed.
They laughed at my grumpiness.
“I hope you’re not going to be like this at the concert!” Alyssa giggled.
I rolled my eyes.
“Of course not.” I said.
We walked silently for a little while longer.
“They’ll never notice us.” I muttered under my breath.
Talia began hitting me with her folder.
“Don’t. Be. Negative!” She scolded.
I cringed under the pain of the blows.
“Okay, okay!”
She stopped hitting me and we turned into the house. We jumped down to the door and opened it casually. We walked into the beautiful large house, only to be bombarded by noise. Her little siblings, although cute but very noisy.
“GUYS! Shut up!” Ali demanded in her loudest voice.
Talia and I laughed. We entered the lounge room which was also connected to the lounge room and dining room. There were playing Call of Duty on max volume.
“Do they have to have it so loud?” I asked over the noise.
“No.” Ali replied bluntly.
She stole the remote and turned it down. They all whined.
“You ruined it Lyssy!” Tom complained.
I giggled. It was funny that her family called her ‘Lyssy’ or ‘Lyssa’ instead of Ali.
“I don’t care.” She said.
We entered the kitchen and opened the cupboards.
“I am dying of hunger!” I stated.
Ali sighed and began getting out food. We ate while watched the boys play. Ali had a few siblings, five to be exact. Jess was older than her, Lachlan was a year younger, Tom was three years younger, then Alex is six years younger and finally, Emily is seven years younger. She has quiet a few.
“Oh, hey Brooklyn, Talia!” Lachlan said, just realizing.
Talia waved.
“It’s Brooke.” I said firmly.
He laughed and turned his attention back to the game.

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