B!!tch Poems. x]

This is how my friends are feeling. I'm not going to name you, but you'll know who you are. I suggest leaving them alone, or else you'll have to deal with me. c:

Chapter 6

This isn't really a poem- More like something I realized.

The last lines of the poem before this entry reminded me of something.

When you wake up in the morning, for school, do you actually want to get up? Or do you want to go back to sleep? Well, for me, obviously sleep. But... it's really not because I'm tired, it's because I don't want to go. No, not because of the learning, but because of the people inhabiting the school. Kentwood... the school is SO stuck on sports, that they just push you to be perfect. When you attend one of those assemblies for student progress and crap, what it really is for, is rewarding students for Athletic reasons. So, as you sit on the bleachers, you see a table full of trophies. But are any of them academic awards? Awards for clubs, A.K.A the creative people? No, only about two of the awards on that table were for academic reasons. Those two, were for seniors. Were any for the kids sitting behind me, receiving weird stares like they were some kind of aliens? Last I checked, Tristan (my best guy friend) went from four Fs to one. There should be more awards for academic progress. Yeah, we have this thing called Triple Threat, but gee, that blew over so fast... People didn't do it to be proud of themselves, or feel good, they did it because there was a ridiculous prize behind it. Me, I would have done it to feel good. Because when you've accomplished something you thought you'd never do, the feeling is well, great. But, if you were to look at my report card, you'd think I wasn't trying. Well, that isn't true. One of these days, I'll make a "If you really knew me" videos. You'd be surprised what people go through. Just because their grades aren't so well, doesn't mean that person is dim minded. Take my friend R, (I won't say his/her name c:) Her grades are like mine, but damn this girl is awesome. She knows all of the good bands, she's artistic, just wow. If she gives me permission to mention her name, I think you all should friend her, she's amazing. She's pansexual, too, which makes it cooler. I absolutely love my friends, all of you, you know that? :3

Well, as I walk through the halls, I receive strange looks myself. But... not because of what I'm wearing. When I'm walking, I'm talking to my friend. Talking. I realize I have a strange voice. Do I freak out? Or, do I snap and say, "What the hell are you looking at?" Nope, I don't. If I do, it'll only encourage them. If you're being picked on, smile at them, give them a complement, or just smile, wave and say "Have a nice day." (: catch 'em biitches off guard. If you find this ineffective, then tell me. Can they tell on you when you smile and say have a nice day? Can they complain to their cult of friends if you complement them? ... Thought so c:

Well, I'm running out of things to say x] So bye bye! Consider it c:
-Love Ali cx

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