B!!tch Poems. x]

This is how my friends are feeling. I'm not going to name you, but you'll know who you are. I suggest leaving them alone, or else you'll have to deal with me. c:

Chapter 2

Man Biitch. x]

creak. Slam.
His head starts to ring, and tears pour out of his eyes.
This school is full of selfish guys.
"C'mon Max, don't be a pussy!"
When most of them are wussies.

Where's the air pump?
Why's your head that big?
Must be your ego that makes you a pig.

Amazing band t-shirts,
Awesome Vans,
Does this make this male,
Less than a man?

Basketball shorts,
Cocky smile,
Boy you stink like a big pile. x]

And Now, For The Punishment.:
Lay a hand on him,
And little Ali here,
Will make sure you'll
Be hanging by your undies,
on your beloved basketball hoop rim. x3

If I here your stupid voice,
I won't give yew a choice,
I'll skin yew and your boys. x]

What's a midget gonna do?
You'll be lucky I'll have
Left yew a shoe.
Get the clue?

Mmk, Biitch starting this new week is: Philip White. x] Philip here dissed my friend Chase, just because he doesn't play a damn sport, or dress the way "Other" guys do. This isn't to stereotype and shiit, I'm just talking about this boy in particular. -.- Well here's the overall moral; Fhuck you. x]
Have a nice day!

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