The Circle of Magic

Ok, who even reads this?

Chapter 1

And so it begins...

by: Mikey_
The Man was twirling around, fighting of the assaulting beasts. These ones had never been seen before, not that he could remember. And he was older than any of the others in the castle. Except one. Amaury. His brother. While fending off the monsters, shooting a blast of lightning at one of them, fighting not to save himself, but the castle, he thought about his brother. Amaury was definitely the smarter of them, but the man was stronger. He did not believe Amaury should have been chosen. Amaury was powerful, powerful enough to defeat trolls, shredders, ogres, and even the odd Disguiser. But he couldn't stand up to the Man. He almost certainly would have fallen to the monsters by now.
A blue thing came out. All the others had been red. Strange. The man pointed his staff at the thing and prepared to blow it away in a tornado, but as soon as he started storing up the energy, the thing opened its mouth and a blaze of red hot flame came out, burning the man to ashes.

I awoke, sweating from the nightmare. The looks of those beasts had scared the wits out of me,especially their eyes, pure black except for green center, that seemed to be staring right into me.
But there was no time to think now. I had to work. I rolled out of bed onto the dirt floor, pulled on a tunic, and stepped out o my room. Today was Wednesday. My turn to feed the chickens.
I walked towards the door, preparing for the cold of February, the snow on the frozen ground, my feet unprotected from the cold. Oh, how I wished my family could afford boots! But, alas, we could not.
I pushed against the door, about to walk out when a strong hand grabbed mine. I spun around in surprise.
"Now where do you think you're going, William?" it was my father. William was me. It was Germanic, like us. I had been born in the castle, but my father was born in Germany, so he gave me a German name. William meant Resolute Protector. Whatever that means.
"Don't you remember, son? You are choosing your teaching tomorrow. Have you given any thought to what you would like to do?"
Of course I had. The choosing of professions was the most important choice a castle child would ever make. You chose what school to be apprenticed to, the job you would have for the rest of your life. The choices for schooling were carpentry, cobblers, artistry, music, farming, cooking, smithing, pottery, and knights. Most of them were very exclusive, except for farming, which was where most people ended. The most lusted after schools for girls were music and artistry, and for boys, knights. Knights was what my friends and I wanted.
When I referred to my friends, I mean Stephen, Vestilyn, and Jacob. None of us have any friends except each other. We're the outsiders of the castle kids. Nobody ever really notices us. They say that we just blend into our surroundings. I'm not sure why.
"William? Son, are you alright?"
I jumped and answered my dads question. "I decided I want to go to knights."
He looked at me in a quizzical manner. "Are you sure?" he asked.
I was confused. "yes. Why?"
He looked unsure of himself. "well- it's just-" he stuttered.
Now I understood. I was smaller than most of the other boys in the castle. I was only bigger than Stephen and Jacob. Vestilyn was a bit taller than me, but I tried to pretend that I was. Vestilyn was a tomboy. She was the only girl i knew who wanted to go to the School of Knights.
Like I said before, we were all small for our ages. I knew what Dad was thinking. Dad thought that we might not be big enough, but we'll show him!
"Dad, I want to go to knights."
He saw I was resolute, and looked away. "Very well. Good luck. You'll need it."
"What about my chores? who will feed the pigs, plow the gardens?" I asked. My father was a farmer. We lived outside the castle, but got more food than most others. Stephen and Jacob's parents were cobblers, and Vestilyn's father was a smith. We all lived in poverty. The only people who got a good amount of money were artists, but the knights got to have almost whatever they wanted, so they didn't need money.
"Don't worry about the chores. I will have the zwillinge do them," father said.
"Thank you, father. I must go."

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