The White Room

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Chapter 2


In every character, there is a background. Usually they are rather vivid, but unfortunately, mine is very vague to me.

Eighty years ago, the automobile had been getting more popular where I lived. My family, consisting of my Mother Flora, Father Xavier, Brother Zander and Sister Monica had the money. My sister with the shoulder length and copper colored hair, the almonde tinted skin, always got her way. Any glance into those chocolate brown eyes, well, there was no way of digging yourself out of the trench she spent her time on putting you there when you glanced into the eyes. Of course, she was the first to try the automobile out. Then there was Xavier, copper colored hair as well, except he took the pale skin like my mother and I. He was second, of course. See where this is leading? My family is attractive. Heck, not attractive, DROP DEAD attractive. I on the other hand, got the shorter end of the stick. While they were clever with looks, I took my time and became clever with words. And that is how I met him.

It had been the time for me to learn how to drive the automobile. My friend Geovani had decided to tag along, but I wish he hadn't. He had already learnt driving the automobile, and I wasn't very enthused to have a freaking backseat driver. I had to admit, with it's shiny black body and exterior, it's smooth running engine, I was afraid to drive the damn thing. If I had gotten the slightest scratch on it, i'd be dead, literally.

The autombile has definitely evolved over time. From classic corvettes and cadillacs, to Lambourghinis. This may be the year 2012, but you've no idea how much I miss the old and simple things. Where instead of using the mobile phone, one would just get up and talk to the one trying to reach in person. Where instead of an email, one would write an actual letter. When one writes, it has more meaning, and more feeling to let loose. A heart felt email, seriously? How do you know if the person didn't just simply look up a "Letter Generator" online and copied and pasted? So many things can be fake nowadays. Forgive me for being stuck in the 1900's. Tired of my opinions? I suppose I can get on with the story. Geovani wasn't normal. My definition of being normal: Being Human. We all know the world is made up of half crazies and the other half normies. I happen to be one of the crazies. I know it seems repetitive for the character to want to seem different, but be honest, would you want to be the same as everyone else? To be normal? Well, I did... Geovani never told me, so I had to put the pieces together on my own. From rejecting food, to staring at the jugular vain on ones neck. He wasn't pale, he was actually rather tan... Geovani, my best friend, was a Vampire. Giggle if you want, but I assure you this isn't a fairytale. In fact, Vampires can look quite terrible. I'm not saying Geovani was ugly, it's just with the crazed pitch black eyes that gave you the illusion of falling down a bottomless pit, no hope of ever escaping. The lighter than ivory skin, the lips stained with blood... it was disgusting. This is why I have pure distaste for Vampires. Once you're turned, you're damned. Some, (maybe five percent out of the one hundred percent) have the ability to revolt, like Geovani. It isn't only Geovani who is abnormal, but it is I as well.

Ever wonder why I am able to put up with my family? The perfect family with the looks, whilst I was the ugly duckling? It's because they aren't here anymore... because I left. Alright, I wasn't an ugly duckling, I had actually received my family's looks. But, I always was a loner... People always looked at me funny. Their heads tilted, eyebrows furrowed, they knew I was a freak. I could tell what one was thinking either by reading minds, or by telling facial expressions. For example, Lucille Johnston of the drama club. Lucille didn't get the role of Meena in the play, "Woman and Wallace". She kept a straight face, but it wasn't hard for me to tell. Her eyebrows twitched every few seconds when the girl who did get the role walked by. Her nose wrinkled the slightest when she'd try to tear her gaze away. Last, her teeth sank into her bottom lip when she smiled, indicating a forced smile. In conclusion, eyebrows twitching every few seconds, nose wrinkling the slightest, and teeth sinking into bottom lip; Put them all together and you get anger. Lucille Johnston was angry. Would you have wanted to pay attention to every detail? To know whn someone hated you, or was disgusted with you? Then, there was that awkard moment when I finish my conclusion... Lucille stared at me as if I were a freak. I had been staring at her for more than two minutes! My only reflex was to quickly look away.

Aside from the intense detail and mind reading, there comes another element to my personal freak show. In Mr. Periwinkle's class, I sat directly next to a large window that was on the side of the classroom, near the front next to his desk. Next to Mr. Periwinkles class was the sports field. I had been writing chemical equations and an explanation on Nuclear fusion, when all of a sudden I hear glass shattering. The high pitched sound was coming from beside me, where shards of glass fell like a waterfall over me, and pierced my skin. The students from out on the field had been playing flag football, and one student threw the football at the window on accident. As the shards of glass broke my skin, I...I felt no pain. I took a second look over my body, and there was no trace of glass...all gone. The weird looks turned to frightened looks. Even the teachers looked at me weirdly... From students to teachers, to my family. Everything became too overwhelming. It was one thing to keep yourself distanced from people... But to keep yourself close to a Vampire and expect him to stick around?

Everyone has a secret, whether it's the deepest and darkest, or just an embarrassing thing you don't want anyone to know. I suppose it's anger I have been holding in, but... I would have been perfectly fine being the damned loner in the corner of the classroom. If only Geo (his nickname) hadn't shown up. Then, he had to be a blithering idiot and let me get attached to him! Vampires aren't meant for companions, unless they are of the same species. I always met him by the fountain in the back of the school. He wore a smirk on the handsome, but oddly warm face for a Vampire. Every morning we'd meet at that fountain... And then... there was no one to meet at the fountain anymore. He just left me here to be the only outcast. With my family turning their back on me and completely ignoring me, and the one person whom I let myself get so close to, leaving me, I couldn't take it anymore. I was sick of those glaring and intimidating eyes shooting bullets through my pride. So, as I walk to this field, it being plowed with it's dark earth into clods, giving up its musty dampness, exposing it's loamy richness to the sun and clear air. And it's wild, untamed growth that hid brown rabbits and grey mice in its thick bramble hedges. The heavy but enticining fragrance of scrub cedar, sun flower, and wild honeysuckle, and the mocking bird and thrush singing their song. The final song I shall hear... I enjoy it. I'd rather have a shorter life, than an eternal life without any purpose...

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