Haha Don't Mess With Me!! (; #4

Ok here we go: Alot of people have been complaining Quibblo has been boring but I think here is a way to change that!!


Chapter 2

Don't fall for it!!!

Ok so I was on here one day about two weeks or so ago and this guy named Avery commented on one of my quizzes he had taken and I liked his comment so I commented back and then I sent him a friend request on here and he accepted and we started messaging each other back and fourth for a while and they go a little more personal and at one point I put at the end of my message I said I love you Avery and he said it back when he sent me a message back. So I started liking him alot and I thought it was going to turn into something special but little did I know.

He said that he would always be there for me and he would always know how to cheer me up and make me laugh. So I was happy at the time. We would message everyday for how long and we would say night to each other every night.

But one day at work when I was on break I went on my cell to check my messages on here cause that was a good time to do that so I logge on and I go to check my messages and out of the corner of my eye I noticed he wasn't on my friends list anymore cause he was on my top five the second one on my top five list I was like oh my gosh what happened at first I thought quibblo was acting up and somethings got messed up so I go down to my comments and clicked on one of his and it said this account is no longer active I about fell out of my seat I couldn't believe it I also wanted to start to cry but I couldn't not in front of all my co-worker's so I held it back.

I thought how could he delete with out telling me cause we were telling each other almost everything at that point it just hurt you know. I should have new then but I didn't. But at first I thought he was just tired of quibblo but then I found out that is not true I think why didn't I listen to myself the first time but I didn't.

Then I made this story called "why did you have to go" talking about how I felt and then I made this other one called 'Help me please" asking anybody if they knew anything about why he left etc but what was I thinking. Then I started talking to these's girls on here which i am good friends with now cause I think this had brought us together. But I found out alot of things I didn't like. Like that he had cheated on a girlfriend and hurt her really bad and also has sweet talked his way to gain the trust of every girl he has talked to and we fell for it but I am not going to put myself through that again not at all.

So now I am making this to tell you the truth about Avery aka "Averyawesome/sexybeast" and the truth is that he is a big jerk yep I said it a big jerk so like my title says don't fall for it.

But if you have any questions you can message me and also harry_freakenpotter2397 one of my girls I know she would answer some questions too.

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