Haha Don't Mess With Me!! (; #4

Ok here we go: Alot of people have been complaining Quibblo has been boring but I think here is a way to change that!!


Chapter 1

Just the Info.

Ok, atleast everyone has been picked on, or bullied and here is a way to rant about stuff. This is a chain story so when someone wants to rant/or give a story, then I'll send u the link so u can write a chapter where u can say: I got picked on bu the bully now feels guidon and has no friends hallelujah!!!!!
Something around those lines.

And this is a place where people can rant without getting judgmental comments.
So here we go, if no one is interested I will delete it but if people r then WHOO!

Ok so I Went to this bible group at my old church for Sunday School, and for a year I was picked on by these two boys. They made fun of my name and picked on me. I had no friends and I hated that church. A couple years later when I came back for a VBS program ( I was now in 8th grade). I looked awesome, I wore contacts and more confident.

They came up to me and started talking to me and one of them started hitting on me, but I said, " I'm not interested in do.uch.es. Because you haven't changed. You only want me because I look diffrent, IM still me.". AND WALKED AWAY!

And then we were racing and while he was running he TRIPPED WHOO! Even though now it wasn't a big deal but back then I cried every Sunday night because of them. I hate those boys, but now when I come back and they want me?? Oh no.

Karma is alive and well: Can I get a HALLELUJAH?

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