It Started With A Bite (A Remus Lupin Love Story)

Chapter 6

the great hall chaos and speech

Me and the marauders start walking to the great hall. James and sirius walk in frount to give Remus and I some privacy. "Hey Rem, you know i don't blame you right?" i ask him when i realise he's looks sad and distant. He doesnt answer back so i touch his arm to get his attention. "Rem"i say again "hey REMUS". James and Sirius look back at the camotion i am making to see whats wrong. they come back over "Moony whats up mate" askes James. "yer your all quite and why wont you answer Emma" asked Sirius. Remus just kept on walking ignoring all of us. when we walked into the great hall, everyone looked up and stared at me. then the chaos began, all the slytherins started yelling and throwing sharp objects at me, the hufflepuffs started swearing their heads off at me and the ravenclaws started to come up to me."Quite everyone, settle down, we all know why we are here" professor dumbledore said, "we are here to tell you the new rules put in place yesterday morning, these rules are as followed:No going out after 7 pm, and no leaving the school ground without a teacher. is that clear?" he asked. there wa a choir of Yes'sand yep. the all looked back at me somehow knowing it was my fault that these rules where put into place.not knowing what to do i ran. i ran all the way to the Gryffindor common room. when i got throught the door i ran straight into......
sorry its so short i had writes block. next chapter will be up soon

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