It Started With A Bite (A Remus Lupin Love Story)

Chapter 3

The Sorting

Normal POV.
I wake up to Sirius shaking me. “Emma, wake up, you need to get changed we’ll be there in five minutes.” I sit up and realise that Remus wasn’t there; I get up and grab my robes to change into and walk out. I walk down to the changing rooms and see lily. I don’t think that she would talk to me after I laughed along with the guys. “Hey, lily” I said. She looked up and she smiled “hey Em, you going to get changed, where nearly there” she says. “Yeah” I answer back. “I’m going to now.” After I change I walk start walking back to the compartment. The train jerks forward and I start falling, someone grabs my waist. I looked up and seen Remus blushing. “You ok?” he asks me as he pulls me up fully. “Yeah I’m fine” I say back. We start walking again talking about what we’re going to do when we get to school. The train stops and I run to get my bag. I hear a voice yelling first years so I follow it and see a giant man with big bushy hair. I gaze with amazement when we hop into the boats. I sit in a boat with Remus and a random Guy who I learnt to be Xophilius Lovegood.

When we got into the castle a lady who we found out is Prof. McGonagall. She led us into the great hall and made us stand at the front. She called through a couple of people’s names until I heard Criss, Emma. I walk up slowly and sit on the stool. The Prof. placed a hat on my head and it started talking in my mind.

So a Criss, well this is a surprise. You’re too nice for Slytherin, too shy for Hufflepuff; you would fit in Ravenclaw, but in know where to put you...
“GRYFFINDOR” It yells and I jump down and go to the Gryffindor table. My friends got sorted and they were all with me in Gryffindor. (Except Snape, yay). We got led up to the common room by a prefect. I went straight to my room and laid on my bed, not caring if anyone wanted to talk to me.

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