It Started With A Bite (A Remus Lupin Love Story)

Chapter 2

The First sight

My parents, my brother and I were racing to get to the train on platform Nine and Three Quarters by 11:00. It currently was 10:40 and we just got through the barrier. I race and give my bags to the person who puts them on the train. I turn give mum and dad a kiss each "write every week" they tell me "yes ok" I said wanting to get on the train as soon as possible before it leaves. "Mum, I got to go" I tell her while she hugs me for the hundredth time. She lets go of me and says bye one last time before I disappear into the train.

I walk down the corridor looking for a place to sit since my brother ditched me to hang out with his friends. I walk past an open compartment and stop when I see four boys. One of them had shaggy hair, another had black hair and glasses, the short one had light brown hair, and the last one had dark blonde hair and was reading a book.

I stand there waiting to see if they notice me. The guy with the shaggy hair looks up and smiles at me. "Hi what’s your name" he asks me and I notice that all of them but the one reading the book looks up at me. "Um" I clear my throat start again more confidently "my name is Emma, do you mind if I sit here I can't find anywhere else?" I ask. The three of them look at each other and then say altogether "sure" I walk in and sit in the only space next to the reading kid. He still doesn’t look up so I look at the others and ask "so, what are your names?"
"Well" said the shaggy haired guy "my name is Sirius Black, this" he pointed to the boy whit glasses "is James Potter and this" he pointed to the short one "is peter"
"nice to meet you all"I say back. I then turn to the reading guy and tap him "hi I"m Emma what"s your name" I ask. I wait a minute until i realised that I"m not going to get an answer out of him and turn back to the others with a WTF face on. They all shrug the shoulders at me and start talking amongst themselves. I sit there and look back at the other guy. What is his problem, doesn’t he want to talk or something I thought as if he knew I was thinking about he looked up and I got a clear look at his face. It was covered in scars but he still looked cute. He looked at me and smiled "sorry did you say something?" he asked. I look at him dumbfound but I snap out of it and say "yeah, I asked what your name was." "Oh, Sorry My name is Remus Lupin what is yours?" he asks. "Emma, Emma Criss" I answer back. At that time Sirius and James looked back at us. Just then the compartment door opened up to a girl with ginger hair and a boy with black. "hi" she says happily "I'm Lily and this is Severus, do you mind if we sit?" I was just about to answer when James said to quickly "of course you can sit" I start laughing at him but he just ignores it. I start talking to her and I found out that she was muggleborn. We became friends instantly. "So what house do you want to be in Em?" asks Lily. I think for a while and answer "Gryffindor" "cool, what about you sev?" she asks Severus. He answers fast "Slytherin." James started to laugh "Slytherin, seriously" Snape answered back angrily "well what house do you want to be in then" "Gryffindor, the house of the brave and daring, like my father" He says while holding up a invisible sword. Everyone except Lily and Snape started laughing. Lily whispered something into Snape ear and they both hop up and walk out. "See ya, snivilloius" James yells out after them and we start laughing again harder this time. "So, Sirius what house do you want to be in" "Everyone in my family has been in Slytherin, I’m hoping to end the streak, I want to be in Gryffindor" he said smiling. God doesn’t he ever stop smiling I think the turn to peter and ask the same question he answers "Gryffindor." Remus had gone back to his book so I had to tap him again luckily he answers the first time without looking up "I’m just lucky to be here" he says. For the rest of the ride I try to figure out why he said that until I fall asleep.

Remus POV.
I look over at Emma and see she had fallen asleep. James seen me looking and said "got a crush do we?" I went red and the three of the smiled "dont worry we won’t tell" said Sirius.
"I’m getting changed, where going to be there soon" I say while walking out, little did they know how big the crush was.

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