Better Left a Secret (a Draco Malfoy love story)

Note: I am aware that my title sucks. But I suck at naming things, so deal with it. And if you don't like main characters name, substitute. other then that, plz read, provide CONSTRUCTIVE critism, cause I need to improve my writing. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!! and what i have written is now stuck on top of this story forever. Crap.

Chapter 1

The Letter

I skipped the last two stairs down from my room in the attic. I found my guardians sitting at the kitchen table, talking quietly. There was an jet black owl perched on one of the other chairs at the dining table. It turned to look at me, fiery golden eyes blinking slowly.
"Adeona?" I called the owl. She flew to me, landed on my shoulder, and cooed softly on my ear, affectionately nipping it.
"Auntie Joann, Uncle Derrick, what's Adeona doing here?" My aunt and uncle looked at me. Worry clouded there faces.
"Jacintha. Come sit." My uncle responded.
Warning bells went off in my head. They always callled me by my middle name, Grace, because I was their gift (incrediably cheesy, right?)
Aunt Joann was wrinkling her forehead as she clutched a letter in her hands tightly. I bit my lip nervously and sat in one of the wood chairs, across from them.
"What's up? Did my father send something?"
I had only met my father once, when I was three. I can't quite remember what he looked like, but he had dark hair, dark eyes and a crooked nose. I remember at first being scared of him, but him carefully taking my cool little hand in his, and murmuring, "Jacintha Grace....." That made all fears vanish. The way he said it. With so much love, so many feelings, like he wasn't used to all of them.
Aunt Joann shook me out of my memory by handing me the thick parchmment. "He sent a letter."
I tucked a piece of my long, silky, copper hair behind my ear and unfolded the paper:
To Miss Jacintha Grace and her Guardians:
I send for you to come here to England. As you undoubtedly(sp?) know, the Dark Lord has come back. I feel that no matter what we do now, He will find out about you. I want to be able to be with you before we either die or are liberated, Please come.
I have already arranged for you a place at Hogwarts. Have one of your guardians apparate you to a place called The Leaky Cauldron one week before September 1. Go out behind the shop(here he tells her how to get into Diagon Alley and such, so we really don't need that) and shop for the things on this list I have enclosed. Stay in the Leaky Cauldron, Room 31, and stay there until the 1st. By10:30, be at King's Cross station and board the train on Platform 9 3/4 at 11.
I will see you soon.
Your father

I stared at my guardians. "Wow. I'm leaving. After 15 years here, I'm leaving."

Yeah, whatdoya think?? CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISM PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!

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