Hook it up(Mindless Behavior Love story)

Hook it up(Mindless Behavior Love story)

so I'm going write a Mindless Behavior love story.If you don't know who they is they are a boy group who had made the hit singles My girl and Ms.Right.They are such cuties.

Chapter 3


I turned around to see Ray Ray and Imani going ham kissing.We all started busting up laughing but that didn't stop them.Imani had a gentle grip on one of Ray Ray's braids.Ray Ray had his hand on Imani's thigh.They where going H.A.M.Then my phone started ringing H.A.M by Stasi Quinn from Bad Girl's club (Check it out)(T-Teyanna M-Mom)


M-How things going

T-Aw hey mom uhh things are going good

M-Cool so who is over

T-Uhh Imani Lexie and Jasmine mom your not gonna believe this


T-Mindless Behavior is here

M-Its not funny to lie

T-I'm dead serious no lie and I can prove it

M-Prove it

T-Fine talk to Roc


M-Who is this


M-Why are you lying

R-It's true

M-Rap then

R-Fine*the verse in My Girl

M-It really is you


M-Why are you at my hose

R-Uhh Cause our bus broke down and we need a place to stay

M-Well you are welcome to stay...bye

R-Uhh Bye

He said hanging up the phone and passed it back to me."Did she believe you" I said ."Uh yeah she did"

"Soo uhh what do you guys wanna do"

"How about we take you guys on a thank you date" Prodigy said

"Yeahhh that sounds good...but how will we go" Jasmine said

"I got this"I said

Then I yelled "CHRIS COME HERE".He came running down the stairs."What do you want" He said

"Drive us some where"


"I'll give you 10 dollars to drop us of and 10 to pick us up"


"What do you think this is 10 dollars"

"Fine here I come"

He said then walked back upstairs.I just waited for him to come back down.Like 5 minutes later he came flopping down the stairs with his car keys.My little sister was right behind him.We walked out the door.I walked down the porch steps then into the drive way.Chris unlocked the doors.We got in.

"Where am I driving to" Chris said

"Uhh Golden Corral" Roc replied


The car ride was quiet until my sister climbed to the front of the car and started blasting 4am by Melanie Fiona.She started singing along.Then she climbed back to the back.We was packed tight.So she sat on Ray Ray's lap it was funny because Imani picked up Ari and moved her to Priceton's lap.Then Jasmine moved her to Prodigy lap

Lexie just moved her to Roc's lap.I just let her sit there.But then I moved her to my lap cause she was getting a little to comfortable on his lap for me.We pulled up to Golden Corral 5 minutes afterwards.We all got out the car.My brother pulled off as soon as we was out.We walked inside.

As soon as we got in line.A girl screamed "There go mindless behavior".They started crowding around us.Then all we heard was "OMG I LOVE YOU GUYS".People came out of know where with posters of them like this was planned.I knew that this was going happened his I wanted to date a celebrity.But gosh can we eat in peace.

The guys begun to sign 1 autograph with lead to 5.Then to 20.I didn't have time for this.I mean I might be blowing up my chance with Roc.But a girl got to eat.I just walked out the restaurant

~Roc/Trey pov~

As soon as we walked inside.A big crowd surround us.They pulled out posters,cameras,cell phones.I decided to sign a little girl's shirt cause she asked.When I did people started forming a line for a autograph.We had to sign all of them or they wouldn't leave us alone.When we came down to our last person

I turned around to see that it was only Jasmine,Lexie and Imani standing there.Teyanna must have left cause she didn't want to deal with this.I stormed out of there in search for her.I walked out to the side walk.To see her walking down the street.I called her name.She turned around and looked at me.

She just flipped her hair and continued walking down the street.I ran all the way to her.When I did I was out of breath.I grabbed her by the waist.She turned around and looked at me.With a pissed face.I said

"Why did you leave"

She was quiet then she said

"Roc I ain't got time for these little girls constantly going run up to you asking you for autographs.I was just acting cool cause it was okay.But then they started forming a line.No I wasn't just gonna wait.I'm just standing there starving.While you and ya boys signing autographs"

"I understand but you have to get used to it.I mean you are a fan too"

"I might be a fan.But I understand when a person got to eat."

"Just come back to the restaurant with me please.I promise that they bother us"

"What ever" She said and moved my hands from her waist and walked down the street.

I knew she wasn't gonna come.So I just ran up to her and picked her up bridal style and walked towards the restaurant.She yelling/giggling "Put me down".I just ignored her.I put her down as soon as we was inside Golden Corral.We spotted The boys and the Girls and the boys sitting down



Sneak Peak-

"How about a game of Spin the bottle" Roc said

"Sure why not"I said.I got up and poured out the bottle of orange pop in a glass bottle.I walked back into the room.

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