Hook it up(Mindless Behavior Love story)

Hook it up(Mindless Behavior Love story)

so I'm going write a Mindless Behavior love story.If you don't know who they is they are a boy group who had made the hit singles My girl and Ms.Right.They are such cuties.

Chapter 10

OMG!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

"Aw...well If you were not wandering around...you could have heard the great news"

Trey said

"What news" I said

"Nope...nobody tell her either"

"Yall betta tell me"

"Don't say a peep" Trey said

"If you don't tell me it's over"

"Ughh Fine.Our tour begins out here for some months...so there looking for us a house.They found one and it's next door to you"

"What?! OMG!!!!!YAY!!!!"

"Seriously" Imani said

"Yep" Ray Ray said

"Yes.Tee looks like imma be living with you"

"Oh wow" Jacob said.

"So now I can hang out with some one cool" Ray Ray said

"Trey wanna hang out" Ray Ray said

"Excuse me" Imani said putting her hand on her hips

"Ahhh HAHA" Jazzy,,Jacob,Me,and Craig started cracking up

"Yo guys lets go" I security said motioning the guys to follow them

"By babe" Trey said and kissed my cheek

"See you in a bit" Ray Ray said and crushed his lips on Imani

They then left with the dude.

"So who were you with" Jazzy said

"IDKIdon'tknowhisnamejustinbieber" I said really quiuckly

"What?Did you say Justin Bieber" Tiara said

"You hung out wi.....wait hold up how did you here that" Imani said.

"What did he say" Tiana said while giggling

"He was so flirting with her" Imani

"No he was......" I was cut off

"Hi Teyanna" Justin said pulling me into a hug

"Hi?" Behind his back Imani was saying "He likes you end it now"

"What are you doing here" Justin said

"Uhhhh........" I was cut off again

"We're here with our boyfriends who is performing now

"You guys are dating Mindless Behavior"

"Yeah I'm dating Roc"

"Yeah she is" Tiana Jazzy and Imani said

"Aww hope you don't earlier I was hitting on you"

"What?You or me? never.Your not all that cute.Plus you like 17 im only 14" I said

"Well any ways.I'm hot.But I got to go" He said and walked away

"Conceited biitch" Tiara said

We started dying laughing.


I know this really really short.I had writters block badly.But the only reason is I have stories goiong on wattpad and here.Check out on wattpad there stories are really good.But anyways.I will try and come up with some ideas as soon as possible

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