Secrets Never Die (PLL)

Pretty Little Liars <3

Aria, Hanna, Ali, Spencer and Emily.

Modern Day

Rosewood, Pennslvania

Love, Lies and Secrets.

For two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead.


Chapter 1

Fresh Start.

Sweet little Aria Montgomery. Artsy and eclectic Aria has just returned to town after spending a year overseas. She's not as sweet as you migh think however. She hasher secrets and problems....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rosewood Shopping Mall~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"May I see the bracelet please."
"Here you go. I'll be right back."
"Thank you." Hanna Marin replied.

Look at Hanna. Once-chubby Hanna has transformed herself into the current "It girl," but still battles the urge to binge. Shoplifting gives her a less-fattening thrill.

"Ready?" Mona wallked over.
"Sure thing." Hanna dropped the bracelet in her purse and grabed it off the counter.
"Did you get the matching earrings?" Hanna brushed her hair with her fingers revealing the diamond earrings she had snatched. "Beautiful Han. They really are. Let's get some clothes."

Hanna and Mona travel through the hall. Mona, ugly, boring Mona. She was the biggest loser before Ali disappeared. Oh and who is that over by the plaid coats. Those look like school uniforms. Of course! It's Spencer Hastings. Spencer is a perfectionist and straight-A student whose pressure to stand out in her overachieving family leaves her feeling alone.

"I haven't seen you in over a year. How are you."
"I'm good. Still wearing plaid, are you?"
"I have to go. I'll see you at school on Monday."
"Oh okay Spence."
"Is that Mona?"
"Han! C'mon!!"
"Yeah we're friends now. I'll see you at school Spencer. By the way, that dress looks really nice on you."

Poor Spencer, never really moved on when Ali disapeared. Everyone else moved on but I guess Spencer in her own way made new "friends". Spencer's sister Melissa had started dating a man named Wren at this point. Wren however got attracted to Spencer. They did share a few romantic moments and Wren and Melissa split so that Melissa could get engaged to Ian Thomas.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Montgomery House~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Mike, where are you going?"
"I have lacrosse practice."
"Aria can you take your brother to practice."
"Sure mom."
"You should call your friends sweetheart."
"I will. C'mon Mike."
"Okay I'll see you later."
"Okay. Hey guys!"

Great Mike's gone and I have nothing to do. Aria opens her phone and flips through her contacts to Emily Fields. Emily, sweet and shy Emily. An athlete who is very concious about her studies. Aria stares at the phone before shutting it firmly. She pulls out of the parking lot and goes over to a bar for some food.


Aria walks into the bar. It's her, the bartender and a young man sitting on one of the bar stools. Aria walks foward and sits down. She glances through the menu quickly and orders dinner. As she is sitting there she can't help but glance over at the young mysterious man. As time goes on they begin to talk. Aria finds out that this man is Ezra Fitz. An english major who just got a job here in town. Aria confides in Ezra that she wants to major in english. They start to make-out and decide to exchange phone numbers.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rosewood High School, English Class~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

An english class with all four liars. What a treasure for me. Who am I? I'm A.

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