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now, although this may seem similar to the Scropio Races (good book, i must say!), but, although both deal with waterhorses, the stories are completely different.

Chapter 1


7 years earlier...

"Jennifer O'Donnal, get your butt in here and put on your shoes; were going out!" A woman shouted from inside a wind-worn house.
A young girl, about nine winters old, was looking out to sea, watching the tide come in from her watch point on the edge of one of the many high cliffs when she heard her mother's call. She turned and looked down the hill, pushing a strand of golden red hair behind her ear. She picked up the skirt of her dress and ran down to her house, the salt-crusted grass rough on her bare feet. As she entered the house her mother looked at her, incredulous.
"The wonders of youth..." She muttered, shaking her head; how here young daughter could withstand the frigid October weather in short sleeves and bare feet was beyond her. "And Jennifer, please brush your hair, it looks like a rat's nest."
Jennifer did as she was told, putting her flaming red hair into a loose pony-tail as her mom put her muted brown hair into a neat bun. Once Jennifer had put on her shoes they headed off towards the shore.
A small inn was about fifty feet from the shore, lamp light streaming out of the windows. Jennifer's mother walked towards the inn, Jennifer trailing behind her. Suddenly they heard a high pitched scream coming from near the shore. Jennifer's mother bolted for the inn. Jennifer, petrified with fear, stood and watched as the black waterhorse crept towards her mother before sinking his teeth into the soft flesh of the woman's arm. Jennifer noticed the creature had green eyes which she thought was rather odd. The waterhorse stared at her for a moment; green eyes locked with pale blue ones. The stallion flinched as a waterhorse called further out to sea, before continuing to drag the now-screaming woman out sea. The last thing Jennifer saw of her mother was her hand being dragged below the foaming waves.

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