The Darkness Within the Light

The Darkness Within the Light

There was once a girl who looked at people and she would see their death. She could sometimes know when and have a mild sense of where. Her family didn't know but they moved around a lot but they have come to their last stop. Their new home. Now fifteen years old Julie has to fit her scary life in with other kids in sunny Panama City, Flordia.

Chapter 1

Moving in

Death is peaceful. Death is unpredictable, unimaginable. Wrong. I know when you will die. I know when everyone will die.
Winter is closing in. That's why I'm not too hot dragging in boxes from the moving truck outside. I stumble up the walkway trying to look over the giant box I was holding to the ground. There were photos in the box that i didn't want to look at. I never look at photos. It's too close to looking at people's real faces and if I look at their real faces...
"Julie! Hurry inside Luke and Cassidy are waiting for you to pick rooms." My mother smiles as she runs passed me. I take a quick peek up to see her blonde ponytail bouncing and she run into my fathers arms. I look back to the edge of the box. As I approach the front door I slowly push it open. I place the box on the floor and look at my siblings feet.
"Ready, Julie?" Cassidy says in her sweet, nice voice. My parents and siblings always say Julie in their sentences when they are talking to me. They know I don't like to look people in the eye, they don't why though. I hope they never do.
"Yes." I whisper
"GO!" Luke yells as he bolts. He and Cassidy push each other as they try to run through the doorway nearest us. They act very young, especially for a seventeen and eighteen year olds. Once I know they are gone I look up and around the room. Standing right at the front door the room is wide and open, but you would expect that from a room with no furniture. There is a large living room right when you walk in. Then on the far side of the room in a series of counters the stretch halfway across one wall onto another then they turn again so that they are not touching the wall and you can sit at them and possibly eat breakfast. The lights are in the ceiling in a way that they don't stick out. There is a nice light yellow rug that gives the room a warm feel but Florida already does that. I start walking, I walk through the doorway that my brother and sister exited a few minutes before and walk through a room which will probably be an office for my parents considering my mom is a graphic t-shirt designer and my dad is an architect. I walk through the room and up a staircase on the right of the room. I count the doors. Five. One for Cassidy which she stood guard in front of, one for Luke which he stood in front of as well. Then one for my parents and the one next to it would be baby Seth's. I walk towards the one that practically has my name on it. Expecting my bed to already be in there. I swing open the door and stop short of walking into another wall. I take a look around the room. My eyes catch the mirror. I instantly look away. I cringe and burst out of the room.
"What's wrong, Julie?" Cassidy and Luke both ask instantly huddled around me
"Th-that's the bathroom, I- I can't, I'm sorry." I start to cry and I feel myself crumble. They hold me close to them and assure me it's okay. But they would never know why I was crying so hard. It's because I looked into the mirror. Into my own eyes. It's not that I saw nothing. I always see in people what will end them. But I never do in me. In my own eyes I don't see silence either. I see never ending empty hollowness. So horribly dark and a echo of silent screams.


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