Sweet Evil Temptations ~ A Harry/Pansy Story

Hey this is my pansy/Harry story, maybe a short story, I don't know. But, please, tell me what you think of it!

I'm also having a song every chapter, I'm not sure if I'll make this a continuos story, all my stories have at least 1 OC.

And Pansy is not ugly! BItch, you about to call this ugly?:

Chapter 1

Broked Tips and Cursed Seduction.....{Decoy~Paramore}

She had it all planned out. Top to bottom. Beginning to end. Grinning with excitement, a more mature, more attractive teenage Pansy Parkinson spread out her mischevious plans onto her dark bed in her shady 5th year Slytherin dormitory. She couldn't wait forever on Draco. It wouldn't take too long, for Pansy Parkinson had gathered a much bigger group of admirer's since she matured. And she could tell that it made Draco jealous. From Goyle to Corner, the ravenclaw boy, she had her growing list. But with her new admirers came Draco's. She couldn't blame those girls, either. He got more beautiful every day of his life. But she didn't like the effect it left on things. She and Draco seemed to be....growing apart. Now with this new rule of Snape's, mixing house partners, she got stuck with Potty because Draco had to ^buddy up^ with Weaslebe. Bloody Pathetic. She always enjoyed company from Draco, and she loved dancing with him at the Yule Ball; she realized that this was a feeling that no normal, loving human would ever want to give up. And she couldn't let some snobby, pure-blooded, fangirl Ravenclaw wh0res get in-between it. She worked to hard keeping up a status with Draco, and it was quite difficult. A single Ravenclaw in a mini isn't worth it. But obviously Draco hadn't noticed. So Pansy only had one choice left.

Step 1] Prepare yourself with a calming and cleaning shower.
Step 2] Make sure you smell the scent that of which any boy(But Draco was a man.) would desire, and dress appropriately for the accasion. In this case, not to bland, but not too revealing.
Step 3] Make sure your target see's you. And the person you're using as your decoy.
Step 4] Don't make too much eye contact with person who's attention you are trying to catch.
Step 5] Do something foolproof. Something even you yourself would be jealous of. Something sexy.
Step 6] Don't let the decoy feel like your using them. Which brings us back to Step 4. Keep eye contact with the decoy very emotional. A cold front comes off as heartless or bitter.
Step 7] Don't do anything too uncomfortable.
Tip---- Never use anyone you could ever be attracted to.

Pansy knew her plan was going to work. She was sure of it. At 7:30, she would have to go down to the library to work on some potions essay with Potter. She would choose a table closer to the south door, because she knew that Draco would get out of an appointment with Madam Pompfrey. He would see enough of her to get jealous while walking down the narrow staircase. And Hermione Granger would've never thought she could come up with a more brilliant plan. As she entered, she couldn't help but recognize the black tuft of hair sticking up from above the library seat. Sigh Potter is in dear need of a haircut.... Pansy thought. She rolled her eyes, and began to walk as slow as she could to stall time, so she wouldn't have to act out anything before Draco came. There e was, though. Walking down the stairs, laughing with Zabini. Pansy hurried over to Harry, bent down her head smoothly near his neck, making sure her breasts were showing enough as she rested her chest on his sholder, and easily said,
"Hello Potter, are you reading for our report." Harry turned his head, and seemed shocked to see some unexpected cleavage so close to his face. But it wasn't a disgusted face. He shifted a bit with a little blush creeping onto his face.
"Er, yeah." Pansy gave a sly smile as she stood, turning on her heel towards the seat across him with her fingers tapping on his shoulders before she sat down. She could see Draco looking over, his face filled with an expression of furiousness, disgust, and jealousy. Pansy stuck out her bosom before she took a graceful seat into the comfy satin chair.
Let the games begin.

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