Kill To Live; Fight To Survive

hey, the whole idea of the hunger games goes to Suzanne Collins, along with the rights. And sorry if it sux. I'm only 11!

Chapter 1


Fight To Survive

In the morning, my eyes automatically snap open and take in the room around me. A room I'll probably never see again. My pine stained wooden floor. The large sack of wooden shavings I use as a bed. The ax I use at work under my wooden dresser. I quietly grab my ax, and slip out the door. Out to the woods I go. To take all my anger for the Capitol, it's sick cruel ways of entertainment, and the people that just sit there on an innocent tree. I don't try to take it down, so I just leave a couple- okay, a lot- gashes in it's trunk. I head back. Judging by the sun, it's an hour until the reaping. My mother has prepared a hot bath. The only way we have hot water is because of my father. He discovered a way to make burning lumber into fuel for hot water. My mother, once and still a beautiful woman, was crushed at his disappearance. When I was 12, a particularly large tree fell over and crushed his teammates. But his body was never found. So back to my mother. Her beautiful long auburn brown hair reaches mid-back, just like mine. Her pale green eyes have a fierce quality, just like mine. Her long, slender body is tall, but powerful, just like mine. I'll never admit it, but just like my mother at 16, I'm beautiful and have the boys desiring me. I get out of the bathtub, and see what outfit my mother has laid out for me. A dress that reaches mid-thigh, and shows all my neck, but nothing else. But what makes me look truly beautiful is the color of the dress. A pale green, just like my eyes. And tan leather sandals. My mothers reaping outfit. I go out and see my brother, Max, already eating breakfast. Boiled eggs and deer. The deer is illegal, but a close family friends son, James, killed the deer and I helped carry it, so they gave us half. And for us the chew afterwards, is a bowl of minty bark. Being purposely late, we arrive a quarter before the reaping. My name is in there 5 times. I did not need tesserae, really no one in our part of District 7 did, just because of my father and tree bark and vegetation. 
    There are 9 seats on the platform. One is occupied by our mayor, Francis Jaylin. The one next to him holds our escort, Leah Maybester, who is shockingly normal. The 7 seats next to him hold our 7 living victors, Harper Finik, Mayburn Yard, Shay George, Maxim Quim, Tomas James, Bash Craterr, and Dadis Mislom. I look at Shay George. She looks just like me. And she won. And Maxim looks like James. I put two and two together....... No. I refuse to think about that. I should tell you that me and James are beyond brother and sister, if you know what I mean. But we won't admit it. Mayor Jaylin gives the boring speech about the fall of North America, the rise of Panem, and the "justice" in the Hunger Games. He sits back down. Leah Maybester get up. She puts her hand in one of the bowls, which we all know is the girls one, and pulls out a name. You can practically feel the suspense in the crowd, the anxiety of the parents, and the fear of the children. 
"Bella Crow" and you can also feel the outrage when the twelve year olds section shuffles. Without knowing what I am doing, probaly upset at Bella's age and being tribute, I run forward. I don't even know the kid. But I know her mom. Her husband was on the same team as my dad, and I should say my dad is the only one that "survived". 
"I volunteer!!!" I shout. People gasp. I refuse to look at the 14 year old section, where Max is frozen with shock. 
"Well, we should wait until I ask for volunteers, but, oh, just-"
"Come up here" says Shay George. Her eyes meet mine, and then flit away. My feet shuffle forward, and then becomes a long stride filled with dignity. If I die, noone will think it's in vain. 
"Very well. And what is your name, young lady?" Leah asks. 
"Elyse Forward" I say. 
"Very well, and our boy tribute is....... Maximillion Forward" I nearly fall of the platform. Max looks at me. And everyones face deflates of what little life could be shown on a reaping. Max comes up to the platform. He steps on. My chest rises and falls rapidly. I can't breathe. I can't find air to keep my heart beating. 
"I should ask for volunteers, so..." Leah starts, but James cuts her off. 
"I volunteer for Max Forward" he says. Again, air is hard to find. Max steps down, James step on. 
"What is your name?" 
"James Mason"
"Very well. The two courageous tributes representing District 7 are Elyse Forward, and James Mason! May the odds be ever in your favor!" Leah Maybester says, and we are taken prisoner by Peacekeepers, to the Games. 
     I sit in the Justice building, as Max and my mother come in. My mother is to stunned to speak, so Max does the talking. 
"Elyse, I don't care if you have to kill the love of your life, youre coming home" Max demands. Max looks like my father. Sturdily built, a handsome face, light brown hair, and deep brown eyes. He is handsome. He also has my fathers personality. The kind that when everything is falling apart, you take charge, even when youre dying on the inside yourself. I don't want to cry, so I just hug him. Since that does not satisfy me, I kiss him and my mother on the cheek. Then I sing. 

When I'm Gone, don't mourn me for long,
I'm not really gone, I'm just away,
Singing this song,
Night to day. 

My mother looks at me, then kisses my cheek, and hugs me. Max takes my hand between both of his, and says, 
"Just remember. Your my big sister. No matter how many times I ignore you, you're always in my heart."
"Just remember. You my little brother. No matter how many times I yell at you, I love you, and always will" and then their time is up. In comes Caylee, James' older sister. She's 19. 
"Elyse, your allowed to wear a token in the arena. Will you please wear this?" and she holds out a necklace with a horseshoe on the end. "For good luck." And we smile. We just sit there together until she has to leave. Finally, in comes Tara, my best friend in the entire world. 
"Elyse. I know you won't kill James. But someone else will. And you have to come home. Noone can chop a tree down like you!" but I know that's not the reason.  
"You do know why I volunteered for Bella Crow?" I ask
"Yes. And that's why I sometimes wonder if being you best friend was the right choice. You do the stupidest things, and...... I can't live without you, Elyse!" and I just nod. And hug her. An try to remember those hazel eyes for as long as I live, which won't be long. 

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