The Drop Of Life

This was a story I did for my teacher at school. This WILL NOT be a series. Don't bother asking. Just a school project, bro.

Chapter 1


"Hey, stop it!" Kea yelled, laughing when her friend Shyla shoved her playfully towards the edge of the cliff.
"Fine, fine!" Shyla yelled, laughing and quickly backing away.
Kea and Shyla were on top of the cliff side by Foreston Lake. It was a beautiful, warm day and the wind was blowing softly through the trees. Kea looked over the cliff side, becoming uneasy. Below her was the chilly water along with the spiked rocks that stuck up like daggers. The thought of hitting those rocks sent a shiver up and down Kea's spine, making her back away from the edge.
"Scared?" Shyla laughed, watching her.
"Hah! You wish!" Kea laughed, running at Shyla to tackle her.
Both Kea and Shyla lived in the small town of Foreston, surrounded by...well, forests. The girls had met in elementry, when Shyla helped Kea down from the monkey bars when she got stuck. Since then, both of the girls had become like sisters, doing everything together and nothing apart. Both girls lived beside each other and would always go to each others house more then staying at their own. The girls were now in highschool, ninth grade and still best friends.
Shyla was a year older then Kea but often acted a lot younger. With her long, curly blond hair and beautiful hazel eyes, Shyla was always very loud and fun. She had a few freckles across the bridge of her nose, which she insisted were "Angel kisses" and tanned skin. She was just a few inches taller then Kea and often took the role of leader.
Kea, on the other hand, is a much more mysterious type of girl. She has black hair that goes to her upper back, often straightened. Her green eyes always look far away, mainly because she is day dreaming alot and her face is covered with freckles. She is a bit lighter then Shyla and has a small scar underneath her lip. This was from when she was smaller and still had her pet dog, who sadly died. Her dog, Scooter, had tackled her and scrapped underneath her lip. Kea hated the dog for it, but after he was gone, missed him terribly.
Both of the girls were on the cliff by Lake Foreston, their usually hang out spot. From there, they could see the town in the distance and people swimming or playing games. Often they would throw things off the cliff side and see if anyone would find them or throw off paper airplanes to see how far they would go.
"Earth to Kea! Come in Kea!" Kea heard Shyla yell.
"Huh?" she turned and looked at Shyla, blushing lightly. "Oh, sorry...I was zoning out."
"Yeah, I noticed." Shyla grinned, laughing.
Kea laughed with her for a moment, shaking away thoughts of hitting those rocks below. She glanced at a table, seeing all of their stuff, from cell phones to bags to marshmellows. She wasn't really sure why the had marshmellows though. There were four more tables, although they had nothing on them, which was the usual thing. Past those tables were several paths that led off into the forest. One went to the parking lot, another one went to the lake and another one went to a small stage with a bonfire, where people would preform and eat smores. Kea remembered how on the summers, her and Shyla would go there and camps, watching people on the stage and sometimes getting up there theirselves. It was always nice to be around the fun campers, with their laughing and happiness.
"Kea, look!" Shyla yelled, pointing at something in the distance.
"What is it?" Kea asked, running a bit past her, looking around widly.
"Gotcha!" Shyla suddenly yelled, shoving Kea roughly.
Before Kea knew it, she was falling. She hit the ground hard and slid down the small slope, her legs, arms and stomachs being cut against the rocks. She screamed, realizing she was going straight towards the cliff edge. Suddenly, she was over the edge, grabbing the sharp edge with all her might.
"Kea! Oh God, are you okay?!" Shyla yelled, staying where she was.
"Does it look like I'm okay?! Help me!" Kea screamed, tears in her eyes.
"I-I can't reach you!" Shyla said, stretching for Kea's hand.
Kea could feel her hand wet with sweat. She knew that if Shyla didn't help her, she would fall. Kea then did something amazingly stupid; she looked down. Immeditaly, her heart beat sped up and her eyes widened in fear. The rocks pointed straight at her and the waves looked much more violent then they had before. Kea could fell the tears falling down and she quickly looked back up towards the sky. Her arm was starting to get tired and her boddy was slowly becoming heavier and heavier.
"Hurry Shy-" Kea started to say.
Before she could finish, she was cut off by her own screaming. Her grip had failed her, for she fell through the air, sinking underwater within seconds. Kea could feel something stinging and when she opened her eyes, she saw that there was blood. She had hit one of the rocks, her side now shot with pain. Everything started to become dark and cold and seemed to be playing in slow motion. The water shoved her around gently, not as violent as she thought it would have. She was quickly starting to run out of breath and by the time she hit the bottem, she had blacked out completely.

Kea woke up in a completely white room, with machines around her. There was also her mother, father and Shyla. She quickly realized she was in the hospital, on the hard bed.
"Mo-Mom?" She mumbled, still half asleep.
"Oh baby!" her mother yelled when she heard her. "You are awake!"
After her mother fussed over her with hugs and kisses, Kea looked over at Shyla, whose eyes were red rimmed from crying. Shyla looked back at her, smiling brightly, obviously happy about seeing her awake.
"Shyla, what happened after I fell?" she mumbled, sighing lightly.
"Well.." Shyla mumbled, suddenly looking very nervous. "I jumped in after you and once I got you, I swam to the closest shore possible. Thank God for those swimming lessons we took over the summer, eh?" she laughed nervously at her own joke.
"You could have got your self hurt!" Kea yelled, glaring at her.
"But I didn't, did I?" Shyla answered softly. "We're both safe and sound."
"Yeah, but still..."
"Look," Shyla said, frowning. "Stop being so worrysome about me. You should worry about yourself. I mean you did fall off and hit a rock, for crying out loud. Just...get better."
"I will." Kea sighed, feeling very sleepy all of the sudden.

Kea stayed in the hospital for another week before getting to leave. Shyla had come and visited her everyday and stayed for hours, talking about things that happened at their school. When Kea finally got out, her parents and Shyla went to eat at their favorite reasturant. Kea and Shyla still went to Lake Foreston, but never went back ontop of that cliff, for it held the morbid memory of when they almost lost each other.


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