Diary of A Puppy's Life

This is may not be appropriate for younger readers.

Chapter 1

A sad story and a guardian angel.

by: Ryosuke
Day 1.

Today I heard my mummy's voice for the first time ever! she sounds beautiful.

Week 1.

My mummy's master seemed mad when he found out about me... I'm not sure what I did wrong but I am very sorry for whatever I did.

Week 2.

I saw my mummy for the first time ever! she did look very beautiful but her master calls her a mutt.Whats a mutt?

Week 3.

I'm learning how to walk today so I can walk with mummy!

Week 4.

A strange man came in and looked at me... he seemed nice but he scares me.

Week 5.

Mummy's master gave me solid food today, it tasted horrible but he said I had to eat it.

Week 6.

That strange man came back today and he gave my mummy's master that green paper he seems to like.Mummy said everything is going to be okay...

Week 7.

That strange man came back and he took me away... whats happening?

Week 8.

I learned the strange man is my master now.He has a wife a new baby girl.

Week 9.

I miss mummy.... my master said she was ill and was worried about me.

Week 10.

I went to a place they call "Vet" and a very scary person kept trying to open my mouth.The scary person poked me with a sharp thing too.

Week 11.

My master's wife took me to the park with her baby girl today and I had a lot of fun!

Week 12.

I saw my master's wife crying today... she said had to get out.

Week 13.

My master's wife took me and her baby girl to a hotel.Why isn't master here too?

Week 14.

My master came to the hotel and I was very happy! but he seemed mad... he made his wife cry and he kicked me.

Week 15.

My hip hurts still and master's wife looks hurt too and she is still crying.I went over to her and put my head on her lap to make her feel better.

Week 16.

The baby girl held on to me and tried to walk.Master's wife smiled for the first time in weeks and I was very happy.

Week 17.

Master got fired and started to drink that horrible smelly stuff.

Week 18.

Master's wife dropped a plate and master got really mad and hit her....

Week 19.

Master's wife was out all night and master got really mas and started falling her names.

Week 20.

I can't walk anymore since master hit my hips with a rock.

Week 21.

Master got a knife and tried to kill his wife.I used whatever I had to protect her but it seems I had to give a life to save a life.

Week 22.

I saw mummy again! she seemed sad but very happy.She told me this is where all dogs go when their life's run out.

Week 23.

I learned that master's wife got away and master is now in jail.

Week 24.

Master's wife is teaching her baby girl how to talk.

Week 25.

Master's wife came to my grave today and she put flowers all over it.She said this that made me very happy "Thank you for being my guardian angel"

I feel like I am in peace now...


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