Weird Day At School Today... O_o

Down there!

Chapter 1

Blah, blah, blah XD

Weird day at school. Me, and my friends were inside the hallway talking about our hair, cuz it was raining outside. My friend Jasmine said, "If rain get in my hair, it's gonna get frizzy and puffy." And the lights went off, came back on, then turned off again. All I saw and heard was people screaming and running for the door. So, with my bag on my shoulder and my trumpet in my hand, I grabbed Jasmime with my free hand and said, "COME ON JASMINE, LETS GO!" So we ran outside, with a bunch of other people: not a wise choice, cuz it was still raining outside. So we ran BACK inside and ran in the gym, where we bumped into my friend, Lexi. Oh, and when the lights turned off, me and Jasmine lost my friend, Belinda while we were busy panicking. So, me, Jasmine, and Lexi were running and panicking inside the gym until the lights came back on. 3 fights at school today, ate doughnuts in class, hmm, so pretty good Friday. :D


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