Prankster Paradise (A George Weasley love story)

Prankster Paradise (A George Weasley love story)

Hey heres my first story, hope its okay!
You with blue hair above
Name: Lily Lupin
Birthday: December 1st
Appearance: a bit taller than average, skinny but with curves, very pale. She is a metamorphougus but was born with icey blue eyes and white/blonde hair, very beautiful
Bio: She was left on Remus Lupins doorstep at 10 days old with a note, loves reading, learning, quiddich, pranking and using her knowledge for mischief, she hates snobs.

Chapter 1

Leave Her

10 days old

"Just leave her, hurry before we're seen!" she urged. It was a cold dark december night, all of the street lamps were out thanks to a pretty woman with red hair."We must leave I'm sorry." he whispered to his wife clutching their only daughter. With that the three bid their goodbyes and left a small baby girl on the steps of a house on the outskerts of London with nothing but a unsighned letter.

I'm soo sorry it's that short but unfortunately that's all I can write without giving anything away!! More to come!!

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