Deidara's Rant 'o Hell

Deidara's Rant 'o Hell

NO ONE TAKE OFFENSE!!! So no one take this seriously, I didn't

Chapter 1


by: ExShinobi

"It's come to my attention that most of you are still confused about my gender. Is it really that hard for you to figure out that I'm a guy?! They even gave me a man voice in the anime, YEAH! And if THATS not enough proof for ya, go look at the episode where I go 'BOOM', I'm shirtless... and no boobies! And no, I am not a flat-chested girl, yeah!
Anyways, I'm really here to rant about that Tobi and that Uchiha MOFO. Yeah."
cries "Tobi you dumb CENSORED!!! You make me look like a silly, non-scary character!! And you never help me, yeah! You're a bad boy! Yeah! BAD! Tobi is a bad boy! And STUPID Sasuke! Electricity does NOT overpower Earth! Play Pokémon for once, stupid! It always says "It has no effect" when Electricity Type moves go against Earth Type Pokémon! I WENT 'BOOM' FOR NOTHING, YEAH!!"
Sobbing " And Damit! I wasn't part of Al-Qaida! I was part of Akatsuki, yeah! I just like to make things go 'boom'. It's artistic, and I don't have a problem! I can stop anytime I want, yeah! And you fan-girls better avenge my death or something, yeah!"


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