Sisters of Darkness

Sisters of Darkness

Jade- Normal Height. Long black hair. Turquoise highlights. Left eye is Caribbean blue, right eye is dark green.

Markus- Tall.Short black hair. Red eyes.

Chapter 1


by: Subrina
"Jade! It is time to go hunting! Grab your weapons and let's go!" I heard the Hunter call. I strapped a pair of twin daggers onto my belt and picked up my favorite sword. I leaned out my window and looked out into the courtyard. Elite Demons were doing about their daily business, aware that I was about to go on a Hunt. As I stared out the window, I caught sight of the Hunter Markus. Markus had been a Hunter since birth, and he had taught me all I knew about Hunting. He had short black hair and the red eyes of a Hunter. He waved up at me and I waved back. Extending my leathery black wings, I jumped out the window. I soared towards Markus, landing like a cat. He looked down at me and smiled. If you were so fortunate to get this close to Markus, you could tell that he had a scar over his left eye, caused my a White Angel.

There are two kinds of Angels, White and Black. Black Angels live among us and are tolerated. They tend to be by themselves most of the time, but my Echo, my sister, had a best friend who was a Black Angel. White Angels were the kind that Markus and I hunted. They were always causing war and stealing things from our townspeople. To avoid panic, my father told our citizens that the White Angels were weaker than us. That was a lie. The White Angels were just as strong as us, some maybe even stronger. Markus took care of them though, when I went for the weaker ones.

"Are you ready, my Princess?" Markus asked, shattering my thoughts. I regarded him and smiled.

"Call me Jade, Markus. I've told you before not to be so formal. And yes, I am ready, as I always am." He smiled and jumped into the air. I followed, flapping my wings strongly.

* * *

We landed silently on the forest floor. Markus put a finger to his lips, signaling for me to be quiet, as he always did. He pointed at something in the woods and I looked in that direction. There was a girl Angel, frolicking among the trees. She had a long white dress on and she looked happy as can be. When I stared harder, I could see there was another White Angel, a boy. He looked at the girl lovingly and hugged her. I made a gagging noise and Markus laughed quietly. White Angels often went into our forest on dares, or in this case, to secretly meet each other. The White Angels we were watching had no idea we were here, waiting. Markus leaned toward me.

"I'll take out the boy, you go for the girl." I frowned.

"But I've never killed a boy Angel before. I want to." He looked at me and there was sadness in his eyes.

"You are not yet ready Princess, they are stronger than the women you have killed. I cannot let you get hurt, or the King will have my head." I mumbled to myself as Markus crept forward. I silently followed him, excitement pounding through my veins. There was nothing better than a Hunt. Still turned around, Markus flicked his fingers against his palm. The signal.

I ran ahead of Markus, eyes on the prize. The girl slowly turned around and saw me. I jumped up and whipped out my twin daggers, one in each hand. She didn't even have enough time to scream. Fast as lightning, I slashed my dagger through the air, slitting her throat. I heard the boy White Angel scream as the girl's lifeless body fell to the forest floor. I tucked my wings in and checked to see if she had any valuables on her. Nothing, what a pity. There was already a pool of blood on the ground, which I avoided stepping in. I looked behind me to see Markus pull his sword out of the boy's chest. He checked for valuables as I had done, then wiped the blood off his sword using the boy's shirt. When he was done he smiled at me, then regarded the girl.

"You did good Princess." I frowned.

"Good? I killed her in one slice." I said defensively. He walked ahead of me, talking over his shoulder.

"Yes, but we had the element of surprise. If she had seen you coming, it would have been a different story. Would it not?" I mumbled to myself as we flew into the air. I looked over at Markus. His red eyes were gleaming and he wore that same knowing expression. Nobody ever won an argument against Markus. Not even my father, the King. Markus was always right, and that was just the way it was. He was the smartest person I knew. "Is there something wrong Princess?" He asked, interrupting my thoughts.

"Oh! I apologize for staring, I was lost in thought..." I said, trailing off. Markus nodded. He was used to me going off to my own little world.

* * *

She was staring at me. I could feel her eyes on me and it was surprisingly comforting. I looked at her and her eyes had a faraway look to them. I sighed, smiling, Once again, she was off in the world that I couldn't see, that I couldn't follow her into. But what if that imaginary world harmed her? It was my job to make sure she was safe, and I took my job very seriously. On every Hunt we went on, I always watched her back, and she always watched mine. We looked out for each other, even though I needed no looking after. What scared me was that one day, in only two years tops, Jade wouldn't need me anymore. Even though she was only one year younger than me, I still treated her like a child, to her annoyance.

"Is there something wrong Princess?" I asked, wanting to break the silence. She snapped back into reality and looked at me, flustered.

"Oh!" She said hastily. "I apologize for staring. I was just lost in thought..." She trailed off. She inky black hair, with its turquoise highlights, swam in the wind as she propelled herself ahead of me. She thought I didn't notice how beautiful she was. She was wrong.

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