The Stone Of Zeus - Original Story by me and feonikks (Dobby)

In the future, we go back in time.
Electricity no longer exists, oil ran out, and the earth lost all hope of a 'brighter' future.
That is, until twin girls were born, on the day of Zeus, both marked, one with the symbol of light, and the other of power.

Can two bring back the power of six...

Chapter 1


"Sonny wake up!" My younger brother jumped on my bed, using his nickname for me.
I groaned and rolled over, smiling slightly because I knew this annoyed him greatly.
"Come on Sonny!" He whined.
I decided to play with him just a few moments longer.
"Why oh why must I get up today? Surely there is nothing important..." I teased.
"Its my tenth birthday! You know that!" He exclaimed, smacking me with my spare pillow.
"Okay, okay im up Jaeden!" I squealed as he swung at me again,laughing away.
"Mums waiting for us downstairs, hurry up!" He warned, jumping from my bed and leaving me alone in my room once more.
Such a joyful little child, not yet knowing what the grownup world would one day have to offer him.

I climbed from my bed and headed over to the broken mirror that stood beside my window, by the position of the sun, it was dawn, around six o'clock.
I pulled my long blond hair back from my face with my cloth hair band, and pulled on my usual outfit; beige shorts and cream loose fitting top, finishing my look off with my worn out brown worker boots.
I grinned at my reflection in the mirror.
Most girls who lived in the sunny town of Solamat preferred feminine dresses and sandals, things perfectly fitting for our beach town, I on the other hand, loved my working clothes.
I worked in the stables, tending to the horses, earning money for my small family, but it was also where my best friend was, Ray, my palomino horse.
I had raised her since she was a fowl, and we were closer than anything.

"Lux, come down!" My mother called up the stairs to me.
Lux was my actual name, it means light, which was apparently so fitting for me, considering I had a birthmark the shape of the sun in the middle of my forehead.
"Coming." I called back, glaring at the mark once more in the mirror then leaving my room.

"Good morning." I called into the warm kitchen that smelled strongly of my mums cooking.
She placed a plate of eggs and toast in front of me, and kissed the top of my head.
"Morning dear." She replied, flashing me her signature mum grin.
She was tall, pale, and dark haired, a raven beauty my dad called her. He was a very strong man, with tousled brown hair that matched Jaeden's.
All three had midnight blue eyes, which made me stand out more than I did, I was blonde, slightly tanned and my eyes were a golden hazel. My mother insisted I had the same looks as my grandmother, which was quite normal in some family lines...
"Sonny, I got you a present!" Jaeden said excitedly as he held out his closed palm to me.
"Jaeden, its not my birthday, its yours." I said, smiling at my younger brother.
"But its your birthday tomorrow, so think of it as an early present!" He insisted, waving his hand around.
I sighed and held my hand open.
He dropped a small twist shell into my waiting hand, a beautful white and sand colour, and when I looked closer, I saw he had attached a clasp to it.
"A charm." I said happily, holding it up to examine it closer.
"Put it to your ear! Even though it is small you can still hear the sea." As he spoke I placed the small shell to my ear and listened contently to the small mysterious sound.
"Now you can have the sea with you where ever you go!" He finished.
I picked him up and hugged him.
"What makes you think im leaving here anytime soon." We giggled together.
"Now you get to have your present!" I said, grinning at him, my parents chuckling behind us, knowing my surpirse.
"What is it?" He asked.
"Im taking you horse riding." I replied.
His face lit up, his smile going from ear to ear, he had never been horse riding before, and had always said he was jealous that I got to spend so much time around horses, let alone own one.
"Really?!" He almost shrieked in happiness.
"Yes, really, now go get your shoes an jacket!" I said, scuffing his hair as he ran past me.
He was like a little me, I remember my first time with the horses, the way it felt to glide along with them across the beach, feel their strong muscles working.

While I waited for Jaeden to get dressed properly, I clasped the small shell to my charm bracelet.
I had my charm bracelet for as long as I could remember, It reminded me of the beach, it had a few sea shell charms, a dried up mini star fish, and a grey pebble like rock. I fit the shell into its new place and jangled it happily.
Once Jaeden joined me back into the kitchen, we kissed our parents goodbye and started the fifteen minute walk to the stables.

So this is the first Chapter for Lux, or Sonny as Jaeden calls her :) Dobby will write her introductory and then I will write my next chapter, and so on and so forth
What she looks like:
Her outfit:

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