The Un-know mystery and the undiscovered love

My name is Bree Im new to the school im american and everyone else is British Im 16 years old and its hard adjusting to my new living conditions but am crushing on the boy whos "on again off again" with another girl

Chapter 1

First Impressions

I cant believe that that i get to go to a boarding school in England! I think as I wait for the Taxi to come and pick me up to take me to school
"Good morning dearie can i get your bag?" Asks the Taxi driver a short old man with a receding hair line and a gravely voice
"Sure. Thanks. Im Bree by the way." I stick my hand out to shake his. He reaches and grabs my hand. Rough. not normal for someone who drives a cab.
"My names Henry, where are you headed?"
"Um... Im headed up to the boarding school Ra academy i think thats the name."
"Lucky for you I went there and ive come and gone the past 30 years i know exactly where your going"
On the drive to the school I keep thinking of my Gran back home and how shes going to be with out me... Henry pulled me out of my thoughts
"OK here we are. Would you like me to take your bags?"
"Oh no thanks I think I can handle it"
"Alrighty then see you around then."
"OK it was nice meeting you Henry"
"You to." He smiled at me and drove off
As I follow the path probably to the school the wind picks up and my grans scarf that was around my neck comes off and flies out of my reach
"NO!" I scream as I run after it. Thats the only thing I have of my grans left excetp pictures and stuff but still. Im still running when I hear a school bell. OK so im by the school. Im still running when I hear people confused talk as they see me running with a suit case behind me. Ugh why does the wind have to me so strong! I keep running theres more people now probably even close to the school now. i keep running bumping in to people trying to stay on the trail of the scarf thats when i see the school so i stop
"Woah" I say the school looks like a castle a really old one too. I here some boys behind me not realizing who their talking to till one of them puts their arm around my houlder
"- and its about over 100 years old" I look up at him Dark Blond hair Green eyes and pail he looks down at me with what I think is supposed to be a charming smile but to me it looks cocky. I grab his hand thats on my sholder and twist under it so im facing him then drop his hand
"Not exactley a smart thing to do to a girl on her first day of school" I say "It might send her mix messages"
"American? Since when did we allow americans in our school?" Says green eyes. Probably to his friend -dark skin brown eyes stick think- whos laughing on the floor. It takes Green eyes a second to realize that its him laughing " Whats so funny you Ninny?" I laugh knowing what Joker is laughing at
"You got rejected by this girl who doesnt even know you and you didnt realize it! whos the ninny now?!?" He starts laughing even harder and green eyes tackles his friend. Good my time to escape.
As im speed walk away I hear the two wrestling then they stop "Hey I didnt even get your name!" I laugh and walk faster
I walk at a normal pace forgetting what im looking for. "The scarf!" I say under my breath and start running again and accadently run in to two blonds holding hands
"Watch it! Do you realize how Much these shoes cost?!?" The girl squeeks at me. Already making my impression on people and its all wrong! Well Im going to have to worry about that later.
I think I Finally spot my scarf when Realize that its the uniforms. Great the uniforms are the same color as my scarf. I'll never find it now!
I still keep running and I bump into another person and knock everything out of her hands. I Stop to help her.
"Sorry! Im in a hurry to find something." I look at the girl she seems suprised that im helping her tan skin black hair Black eyes
"Um yeah sure its ok it happens all the time" She blushes finishes gathering her things and walks off. Trying to think of a nick name for her... Shy eyes. Im looking around for my scarf but cant find anything except the uniforms. Wow this is going to be confusing. I start walking again the wind has let down and i notice that im being looked at by some people not paying attention I walk with my head turned and I hear someone
"Hey whats this?" I hear a guy say I look around for the owner of the voice
"whats what?" A girl asks voice thick with sarcasm
"This thing that hit me in the face" He replies annoyed
"Its a scarf... I think." Another girl replies I search harder and find the guy holding my scarf I start running towards them
"Hey thats mine" I say
Im running twards the guy and then I trip on something probably a backpack off a flight of stairs and I expect hard floor to find me but instead I find a warm pair of arms under me I look up and im staring into gold eyes
"Hi" he says with a small smile
"Hi" I say short of breath

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